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HLK continued from page 7 that he knew o...

HLK continued from page 7 that he knew o... image
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HLK continued from page 7 that he knew of at least four people vho put up the money for King's assassination. To of them, Huie said, were wealthy and prominent New Orleans citizens on the extreme political right. Black journalist Louis Lomax, who had traced Ray's tra veis and telephone calis to New Orleans, reported in a syndicated series that Ray had telephoned a mysterious industrialist in New Orleans and had met wiüi him at least twice in the Trade Mart area. One of Ray's prison-mates at the Missouri State Penitentiary, Raymond Curtis, says he was with Ray when a new prisoner remarked that a southern "businessmen's association" had put out a million-doHar contract on King. Curtis recalled Ray saying with a grim smüe, "Til collect it." One cannot help but be reminded of the case that New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison overturned in connection with the John F. Kennedy assassination. Fvidence continúes to mount in the King case, pointing again to domestic intelligence activity coupled with big business and underworld.connections. James tari Ray says he will "teil all" if he doesn't get a new trial. Meanwhile, the FBI, persecutors of King while he was alive, maintains its curious silence about his death. Joe Davis is an Ann Arbor-based freelance writer.