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Getting Us Too Slow?

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The majority of Sim subscribers currently receive their paper via Second Class Mail, the Standard class of mail for publications in this country. Unfortunately, the U.S. Postal Service handles most Second, Third, and Fourth Class Mail on a low-priority basis. This means that you often get your copy of The Sun seven to fourteen days after it's printed- and that can be a disappointment to people in Southern Michigan who want to make the best use of our calendar information. Although there is nothing we can do to speed the movement of Second Class Mail, we have initiated a new First Class subscri ption service which enables subscribers to get their paper one to four days after publication. If you have subscribed at the Second Class rate but would like to switch to First Class service, cali us (or write) and we will change your mail service. Because of the extra cost of First Class Mail, your subscription will expire sooner, of course, but you will be notified when it does expire.