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r CV i„ r I KYTJiTJ k_ W S SUPER QUAlirr... SUPER DEAL 4Sf erW 2JK AMFMMPX Mflt èHl jeLW Jb ■■kP HEADPHONE RADIO FjM SSEi VP - -P"" separate balanceandvolume T I ' =;r PwZ -X S44?5 hydro cleaner by HSSZBH wb-9 "".sisssj16 ss1 Kn9 ' " ' IB Improve the life and sound of your records by Sound Gatherer. ..Muilc Givor. p B lb keeping them clean and static f ree with the new '0 Minute Recordlng Cassette qc cna ' 3B k. m ■ 20 OUnce Hydro Cleaner from Schweizer Design. %g Battery Powered Pocket Portable ■VmV Ceramic magnet This beautifully designed and engineered VSSS& i CtT FMAM Radio. Built-in FM and AM M W . . 1 product dispenses the necessary humidity to A,X1 VWB antennas. Battery operation (Panasonic lV.V'1 I S26.80 ea ÜSt. neufralize electrostatic charges. The cleanmg ♦VjMÉt' 9-volt battery included). Circular ■ BÍJ solution found in the Schweizer Record Tonic, A-V T tuning dial. Solid-state engineering for HtT.'J M Mow dissolves oils, fats. and lipids and conditions Al'ïr " ' líSTSI'to reliability and dependability. 254" PM W M M 0$#%R0 the record surface for optimum performance. NLW iidwfE. dynamic speaker. Earphoneexternal A J XVA_W Priced at S9.95. Hydro Cleaner comes complete igSy líÜST1" " . speaker jacks. Band selector switch %l # -i#" w,th storage base. stylus cleaner and Record ÚB .noj,,. Comes in red, black and white. With m.VI r t ■ IF suopiYkuts . . . . fcL. .fcr OniC. vMBB7 Aisc spKal Bonui oHc t unique