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Mickey's Pulsating Unit At The Delta Lady

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Attention, scientists! Leavc yoiir seismometets and F.KG's in the lab if you plan to put a reading on the cardiac-arresüng jump and pump of Mickey's Bulsating Unit. Not only do they pulse, but they swing, slide, stride and kick some definite ass Wednesdays through Saturdays at the Delta Lady (on Woodward near Nine Mile Rd. in Ferndale). If there is a better group of electrified and energized young musicians in town, it'd be a surprise. The Unit is composed of namesake guitarist Mickey Stein, guitarist Steve Shepard, bassist Nolan Mendenhall and drummer Steve Lipson. Together they play a pigeon-hole-resisting music that can recall Coltrane, James Brown and something entirely their own as well. If lsley Brothers-Funkadelic ummphh is your cup of tea, you gotta hear the Unit do "Cool Your Tool (Gimme Fish Sammich)". My, oh my, these brothers cook! Stein plays masochistic lines, feeding on himself mercilessly for a little more push and tensión in his soloing. A fan washeard uttering repeatedly "The man BURNS!" But he couldn't burn forever without the rhythmic pyrotechnics of drummer Lipson. Lipson plays drums like Willie Mays played center-field. Enough said. And if Stein plays with the breadth and vision of Tolstoy, Steve Shepard is the Marquis deSade of the guitar. His licks are mi cilessly soulful and witty. He has a directnes and individuality akin to Th. Monk. Nolan Mendenhall ties it all up neatly and creatively and is simply one of the best electric bassists in town. The music ranges from high-energy electrics, modified by devices like "Mutrons" and tave dividers," to straight and steaming jazz standards like "Night and Day." There is even room tor a beautiful tendering of Stevie Wonder's "Bird of Beauty" with some high-powered coimnunication between the two guitars. Most importantly, though, it is an original conception with a lot Öf hard work and chops behind it. You (ïwc il to yourself to hear it. The Delta Lady is a nice, intímate room for this music, one you teel at home in. The Pulsating Unit can also be heard Mondays and Tuesdavs at The Monev Tree, downtown at Fort St.