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I saw the puppet show 'Pinocchio at the Fisher Theatre last Tuesday mor n mg and here is my review: The story is told by Wicky, the Leprechaun trom Ireland. In the first scène, the Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to Ufe as a puppet with her magie wand. Then Pinocchio is on his way to school and the bad fox and the cat capture Pinocchio and sell him to a bad puppet master. The puppet master locks Pinocchio in chains and Pinocchio starts crying. Then there was a 45-minute intermission, and when it starts again they are in the enchanted forest. Rabbits and sauirrels are Dlavine. Talking weeping willows are talking to Pinocchio. Pinocchio tells lies to the trees and his nose starts growing longer and lónger. The Blue Faiiy comes to teil Pinocchio that his father was swallowed by a carniverous catfish and is alive inside the catfish's stomach. Pinocchio and his dog Coco swim under the sea to save him. Pinocchio and Papa meet inside the big carniverous fish. Coco barks and the cattish sneezes and everybody jumps out. Pinocchio turns into a real boy because he saved his father, and then the play ended. There were seven marionettes and one hundred and two puppets. The marionettes did a good job. The audience liked it iust as much as Idid.