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improvisation and which concludes,

after trading figures back and forth, with a

breath-taking ultra-linear vision; and parts

3 and 4 of side two-part 3 another guitar

violin exchange, and part 4, a percussion

feature whose groove is so strong it could

follow a Chicago blues cut on the air.

There are several noteworthy and impres-

sive parts to the record, though. On the

short track, "Lotus Feet," John plays some

reflective, emotional phrases fleetingly re-

miniscent of John Coltrane's "Alabama."

If there were any criticism one might

make, it would be that all the material is,

after the slow introductions, in an energet-

ic, folky 4/4. What we miss in this Indian-

oriented acoustic band is the harmonic

and rhythmic richness we know McLaugh-

lin and these other players are capable of.