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Where the action is...

... We all know where the action isn't: It isn't at either the Detroit Snooze or the Detroit Paid Press, the two newspapers which masquerade their daily delivery of drivel as something that somehow relates to our lives.

From lofty perches in their grimy ivory towers downtown, the editors of these two paper project their truncated vision of the city and the world to other people like themselves.

Now, Detroit folks have a chance to find out what's really going on: the real issues, like what police corruption and the heroin trade mean to the city, who's really responsible for the city's beig broke, or what could happen to us if one of Detroit Edison's nuclear plants had another accident.

And in contrast to the lame and lifeless artsy-fartsiness that passes for "culture" in the dailies, there's finally a paper that hooks you up with all the exciting musical, theatrical, and media goings-on around town -- A Kulchur section that features Michigan's most complete entertainment calendar, plus regular reviews of the latest and the best in records, performance, films and books.

Plus, if you subscribe to the Sun for the spectacularly low price of $7 a year you'll get your choice of these LP's....

Do it now. This is where the action is!


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