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     Former Chicago Eight defendant, anti-war activist, and SDS co-founder Tom Hayden threw a terrific scare into Sen. John Tunney in last week's California Senatorial primary (Sun, June 17] by winning 41 per cent of the vote in his challenge to Tunney's incumbency. More than one million voters approved of Hayden's concept of "economic democracy"and his many progressive proposals, apparently agreeing with the Royal Oak native and U of M graduate that "the radicalism of the '60's is the common sense of the 70's." As predicted in our last edition, Tunney took to the airwaves in the last few weeks of the campaign to red-bait candidate Hayden, whose support more than doubled in the two months preceding the election.

    On the same ballot, almost two million California voters came out in support of Proposition 15, the Nuclear Safeguards Initiative, which would have required nuclear plants to accept unlimited liability for damage incurred in any accidents, and to prove to the state legislature the safety of their operations. It wasn't enough to overcome a $3 million campaign by the utilities and the nuclear industry to sell "jobs and energy" to the electorate, but the results certainly showed that people are beginning to awaken to the potentially catastrophic dangers of "Peacetime" nuclear Power (Sun, June 17).