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Serving Metropolitan Detroit And Greater Michigan Sun

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Serving Metropolitan Detroit and Greater Michigan




Non-commercial classifieds:

Registered nonprofit organizations may pay non-commercial rates

$3.00 per issue (minimum) for 30-words. 

$1.50 for 15 additional words. (Tbe foilowing counl as one word: phone numbers, prices, numbers.)

$1.50 extra for Headlines (all in caps and centered, 18 characlers in 8 pt., 12 characters in 11 pt.).

$ .50 tor each capitalized word in any other line.


Business classifieds:

II you charge a fee for any type oif service, you are a business.

$1 .90 per line {Line is 25 characters. Letters, spaces, punctuations , etc. count as characters.)

$3.00 per Headline (all in caps and centeredd, 18 characters in 8 pi., 12 characters in 11 pt

$ .50 for each capitalized word in any other line.



15% one ad inserted in 6 consecutive issues.

10% one ad inserted in 4 consecutive issues..

5% one ad inserted in  2 consecutive issues.

Contracts  and larger discounts available.



No phone numbers, addresses or last names can be used in personals. U.S. Post Office boxes are acceptable. SUN Box Numbers are available for $1.00 extra each issue the ad is published. SUN Box Mail is held for 4 weeks from the last date the ad is published. Box Mail can be picked up at The SUN, weekdays 9:30 AM to 5 PM. Mail can be forwarded upon request in a large, self-addresscd, stamped envelope.


To reply to a SUN box number, address your envelope to The SUN, Classified Box ___ The Leland House Hotel, Suite 202, 400 Bagley, Detroit, Michigan 48226.


DEADLINES: Deadlines for classified ads are every other Friday at PM before the issue's Thursday publication day.

Deadline for copy changes or cancellations is noon Thursday, one week before the publication date. There is a $1.00 service charge for cancellation.

The SUN is not responsible for ad errors beyond the  first insertion without notification.

All advertising is subject to Ihe SUN's approval as to text and character.


CATEGORIES: Picase circle the cateioiv vour ad is to be placed in.

Bulletin Board    For Rent       For Sale       Gigs       Help Wanted      Lost & Found      Penned Pals   Personals   Public Service    Publications       Situation Wanted    Services     Other: Please describe _______________________



Fill in the encloscd form completely. Ads can be mailed to The SUN, P.O. Box 1898, Detroit, Michigan 48231 , or dropped off al The SUN offices, The Leland House Hotel, Suite 202, 400 Bagiey, Detroit, Michigan 48226, from 9:30 AM to 5 PM, Mon.Fri

All ads must be accompanied by payment. We do not have the facilities to bill or take phone orders.



Illegible ads will result in surreal classifieds.



Strictly confidential bui must be included for your ad lo run.

NAME _______________ADDRESS _____________________

CITY _____________STATE____________ ZIP______________PHONE_____________. I

No. of issues to run: ____

If late, publish in the following issue :____ yes  _____ no



                           Non Commercial                        Business                      Total

Lines                  30 words for $3.00                      $1 .90 per line              $

Extra Lines       15 additional words $1.50        (Min. total cost $3)          $

Headlines           1 line at $1.50                          $3.00 per headline        $

Cap. words         $-50                                          $.50                              $

Box Number       $1.00                                        $0                                 $



Total Payable In Advance For Number Of Issues Run                   $



Mail to or stop by The SUN, The Leland.House Hotel, Suite 202, 400 Bagley, Detroit, Michigan 48226.