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The Nine Months Law

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The law of the State of New York, allowing slaves to be held in that State three fourths cf the year has been repealed. - This action of the Legislature of New Yorl and the recent decisión in Ohio by whicl daves brought into that State by thei masters are declared to be free, and the liberation of the Amistad captives, seem to show that aboliticnists have not foughf'as those that beat the air," but that their efforts to enlightcn the mind, and awaken the conscience have not been powerless or inefficiënt. They indícate that the current of popular feeling is beginning to change, and we may soon look for tha time when it will bear against the bulwarks of slavery with the satne weight and force with which it has heretofore withátood the cause of universal liberty. The bilí to repeal the Niiiö Months law passed the Senate by a vote of 11 against 8. Only ono Whig, the Hon. John W. Taylor, voted against it. Mr. Taylor was elected last fall by abolition votes. Gen. Root epoke against ihe bilí, but dareá not vote against it. Many of the Whig Senators were absent. The bill passed in the assembly by a fnajority of eight. It was in the main a party vote in both houses. In the assembly only two or three democrats voted for it, Via: Mr. O'Sullivan, Mr. Paul Grout, and perhaps Mr. McMurray, all froiu ïfewYork city.