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-We learn fromthe Detroit Free Press that an njtinction was served on thia inslitution on the llth June. A bilí of cotnplaint was filed and sworn toby Z. Platt,' Attorney General of the State. He sets forth in the bill that the liabilities of ihe bank are very large in amount; that its bilis in circulation amount toupwardsoftwohundred thousand dollars and that it is indebted toitsdepositors very largely. The State of Michigan nowholds $20,000 and upwards of its bilis, on which Mr. Plati, at the request of the State Treasurer,demanded payment, which they refused, and also refused to to give the State any security fur the future payment of the dernands of .the State. Mr. Platt ''has reason to belíeve, and so charges the truth to be, that the Bank of Michigan. is insolvent," and therefore prays that the Bank may be enjoined, and one or more Receivers be appointed. A Receiver will probably be appointed immediately.The following is an extract from a letter of Mr. Dawson, published in the Detroit Daily Advertiser. How supremely ridiculous it appears in the eye bf a virtuous community to be made acquainted with such facts as the following. The representatives of a professedly free and chrislian land, away from their appropriate business, to mingle in the most exceptionable soeiety and thercby give counteance to the most blasphemous and Goddishonoring exhibitions thatever disgraced our world. No wonder that wo are a hissing and a bye-word to other nations. We had fondly hoped that under this new adminirtration the painful duty would not have devolved upon us to record, in these respects, our national disgrace; but it is in perfect keeping with by-gone days, and as long as the insiitntion of American slavery exists - an institution in which horse-rachig,cock-fighling, duelHng, blacklegging and licentiousness, live, move and have their being, - the same disgraceful scènes will be acted ovei and over again. May kind heaven bave mercy upon us. Washington, June 4, 1841. The House was not in session to-day, and the members availed themselves of the opportuuiiy to attend the races - here, in the South, places of the most fashionabie resort. The carriages of Ministers, Charges añd Presidents- with tha elite and beauty ín high lile - Governors, Senators and Representatives - old andjyouug - white men and niggers - blacklegs and Judges - horsethievee, thimble-riggers, roulette-men, castersof dice and their victims - women of easy virtue, doubiful virtue and of no virtue at all - wilh parsons, prelates and pick-pockets, - all, in strange commingling, are to be found at these gathering places of Southern sportsmen, Northern dough faces, and the prime ministers of the devil. The whole week has been devoted to these torture-tests of horse-flesh and men's pockets. The hotels have been thronged with the profes sional attendants upon these Races, nnd the atmosphere has been vocal with their flash-slang and challenges to bet. But they close to-morrow, and, perhaps, Congress will then "go a-hend."