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An important discovery for Rheumalism Fever Sores, White Swellings, Injiammation in the Eyes, Burns, Steelled Throat in Scarlet Fever, Quinsy, c. The Chemical Plaster is an important remcdy for all thoso who are afflicted with inflanimatory coraplaints, by its easing pains, counteracting nflammaiion, and giving speody relief, by its active, strengthening, and sudorific proporties. - Ad effectual remedy for inflaramatory rbeumatism, oguo in the breast, cramp, burns, bruises, scrofula, old sores, ulcera of almost every deacription, cankered and swelled throats nrising fróm scarlet iever, feluns, white swelliugs, chilblains, &c. PerBona&BufleriDg frorn liver complainte, pulmonary diseases, inflammntion on the lungs, with pains in the eidea and breast, pain and weakness in the back, will Cnd relief. In all caBes it taay be uscd with safety. TO THE PUBLIC. To WHOM IT MA1 CONCERN. Thia may certify that I, Èrastus Dean, the proprietor of E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, havo for more than two years been in a delicate state of health, so that I have been unable to prepare and circuíate 8aid Piaster to that extent which the interest of the suffering community demands; and feeling so valuable an article ought to be extensively made known to the añiieled, I havo made arrangements with H. HARÉIS k. Co., of Aslitabula, Ohio, to manufacture and vend it in my name as my solé succeeson. This, thcrefore, may bo relied on as the genuino article heretofore prepared by me, As witness my hand, ERASTÜS DEAN. Webtfielp, Chautauqüe Co., N. Y. January 21, 1839. Penn Line, Pa. April 7, 1840.Messrs. H. Harris &, Co.- Sire :-Sinc I was at your store in July last, I hare used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster, which I have received from you at different times, anó fee! myself in duty bound to you aa proprietors, and to the people generally, to recoramend tho 6ame as a safe and efncacious remedy for those complaints for which it is reccmrnended. I nave used it in several cases of inílamed eyes, in some of which lts effects as a curative have been very decided, and in no case has it failed of givÏDg relief where it has been applied accordiog te directione, and all who have used it are perfectly satisfied with it eo far as I know. I have also applied it in eome severe cases of agüe in the breast with the happiest eílects.. I would also leíate the case of Mr. Thom as Logan, who has beeu afflicted with tb& rheumatism in one hip for thirteen yeare, so that he had been compellcd to abandon labor in a great measure. I let him have a box of the Piaster, he applied it, and for three days found, as he supposed, no benefit, but after tbat he perceived that the pain was not so severe, and in less than two weeks he could labor hard ail day and rest free íroni pain at night. He saya that he would not part with thö box be has for three hundred dollars, providing he could not obtain another. fíe also says to me, keep it on hand and recommend it where ver you go. I have used the piaster in cases of pains in the sides, back, shoulder, etc. witb like good effect. Yours, &c. DANIEL KNEELAND, M. D. Monroe, June 18, 18S9. Messrs. H. Harris &. Co.: - Sire: I have used E. Dean's Chemical Piaster for moro than four years past, and do cheerfully recommend it to Physicians for rheumatism, sprains of wrist, ankle, shoulder, &c. Ia felons, whitlow, and scrofnJous sweflings of all descriptions, it is generally an efiectual remedy. ín short, wherever there is a pain it is alinost sure to givo relief in a few houra. I have used it in a great nuniber ofmatic anections. uno oí my pationts, ageu. 40, full habit, had a rheumatic swelliog on one leg. He had been uaable to get out of his house iot thrce months; his leg was Jswelled to an enormous size, twice its usual bigness; every thing had been done without success until we comrnenced using Dean's Chemical Piaster. We enveloped the knee and a portion of the liinb in tho piaster, and m three days the swelling entirely djsappered, and in ten daya he went nbout his ordinary business. Such has been our stic' cess with the ariicle, and we now wilhngly recommend it to the public for a trial. Yotirs 8-c. J. H. REYNOLDS, M. D. The piaster is iiow put up in boxes at 50 cents, and one dollar each. Made and sold. wholesale and retail, byH. HARRIS &t Co., Ashtabala, Ohiu- eole proprietors. Nonegenuine unless signed by tl. Harns on the stereotype wrappcr. The above arficJe may be faad at the store of J. M'Lean, Jackson; Hale &z. Smitb, Graes Lake, and by the principal druggists throughout the Slate. Jackson July 4, 1840 Produce oí evevy DcsoripUoir, W3& ECEIVED in payment for Job work _■!_% Advertising and Subscriptions tr the "Signal op Libertt," if delivercd at the Office, immediately over the Store of J. Beckley, to Co. April 28. _ ■gLANKSofevery description ceatl - exeouted at this office. In order that this valuable medicine should not be counterfeited, we have aplate repro sentiug a pcrsian scène, that is struck on each bill, one of whicli accompanies each box. We dccm it unnecessary to publislr a long list of certiflcntes, as thcy will neither add to oor diaiinish the virtues of this admirable compound. Superior to theHygeian,Brandreth's,Evan' tomatto, the Matcbless (priced) Sanative, or any other Fiils, or Compound, before tho public, as certified to bv Physicians andj othcrs. Let none condemn them until thcy j have tried them, and they will not. It is now a settled point with all who have used tho Vegetable Pcrsian Pilis, that they are preemincntly the bestand most fiTica- cious Fámlly inodicine, that has yet been1 used in America. If cvery family could be-j come acqnainted witb their Sovereig7i Poto er over disen'së, they would seek them and be prepared wath a sure rcmody to apply on the firslappearanceof disease and then hp.vy much dislress would bc ivoided and money saved, as well as livcs of thovsands who are hurried out of time by neglecling discase in it9 first stages, or by not beinjj in posscssion of a remcdy whicn they can place dependence upon. AU who ïvish (o guard against sickness, should use the Persian Pilis freely, when needed, no injury can ensue, if used froni youth to oid age, when taken according to the directions.CERTIFICATES. Rocliester, Sept. 1840. Messrs E. Cliase fyChmpiiny: - Gents. Sirs:- Tiiis is to inform you that we liavcused your Vegetable Persian Piüg' for a year past, in our practice, and are, wei! pleased witli their operation. Bclieving themj to fulfil their advertisment, in answering asl a substituto wfaere caloraol is indicated, we can recomrnond thcrn tn tlio public. Dra Brown, M'ICensiej & Haïsted Rochester, 1840. TO MOTHERS. Messrs. E. Chase iy CoGents - Hearing much said about extra-; ordinary eiFects of the Rcsurrection or Persian Pjlls, upon those about to becorne Moth ers, we were induced to tnake a trial of, them. My wife was at that time a mother of 5 childicn, and had euffered the moet ex excrueiatmg pains during nnd after her con-, finement of each. She liad tried every' means and taken much medicine, but found little or no relief. She coranienced taking the Persian Pilis about 3 mo. before lier confinement (her health being very poor about this length of time previous,) and soon after was enabled !y their use to a:tend to the cares of a mother to'her family until her confinemcnt. At the time she commonced taking the Persian Puls, and for several weeks previous, wilh a dry hard coug'i, and' frequently severo cramps.' which thö uö of Ehe pilla cntirely removed bsfore using half a box. It is witli grofit confitl.encc that wc advise ail thos about to bpeotne Mothers to make use of the Persian Piüs. All those that have taken them in our neighborhood, have got alon ia ,!p same easy manner, Li-d are about the house n a few days. - 'i'here dees not r.ppear to be halfiho dánger ofother difticulties setting in nfter confine ment whre these Pilis are taken. Wc unitedly sayf'et none neglect faking them for they are in the reach of the poor as wel! as the rich. We u-e truly thankful that there is a remedy. which ftmales can 6aily procure which bids tu lessen the world oF suffering, which tnany of them have to bear, and perhaps save the lives of thouüunds which otherwise would be lost. Rochester, May 14th, 1840; corner of Cal edonia square, Edingburg etreet. For pcrticulars; seo subscribers. . S. ROBERTS, A. O. ROBERTS.Gents. - I wish you io send a quantity cf 'our Porsian Pilis to this place, for I atn sure hey vou!d tr.cet wiíh a ready sale. My rothor-in-law wliile passing thronli your )lace heard so much said in their behalf,that ie was indüced to purchaBe4 boxee; and Í lay safely say that they have done mure for myseif and a half sister of mine, than $400 hich I had paid to Doctors, and for othcr arious prescriptions and nioclicines. J liavo sed 28 bo.res of Brandreth's Pilis, whica ave me sorae partial relief. But your Piils ent figHt ahead like a man of war. VVhat )assed off looked !ike ink. My discase has )cen named. differontly by every Physician ; jut my idea is, that it was a general vitioe fthe fluids wbich prodneed eymptoms of alnost every disease. It would be too tedious or me lo give give you a history of all my ifficulties. I was weak,dnll, stupid and reuced to a skeieton. All hones ofestored had been given over, except by iny rother-in-law. I took two boxes ofyour ills, and am oble lo perforra my dutise in ïq couniing room. My sister was coiil umptive- her liver was miicl affecttd, lier egs eweiled - a hnrsh cough constantly roubled lier. One box ofyour Pilis entire-i y relievcd her from all Ihose symptoms. - : atn abont to remove to Burlington, and vould wish an ajfnncv, &c.STEPHEN B. LUTHER. Jr. FEVER &AGUE, GHILL FEVER hc' Those in health wlio live n manhy coun-1 tries, and unhealthy climatcs, eau avoid the! iisease to ;which thoir situatiuiis are sub-' eet, by taking the Persian pilla onco, and! in some instances perhaps tivice a week, to! cleanse the system and puriiy it (Votn the' small accunnilation of effluvia, which cau3t:sj the different diaeases, in different situaüons' of the country. Thoee whofinddisease fastincreasingupon thsm should fake 6 or 8 pilÍ3 on going to bed, which will generally opérate as a gentío emeíic and carhartic; after which oontinue the use of them in smaller doses, as recommeudedin the other large bilí. Thoso who follov this course will find tlip.m a sure and never failing preventiveThoso whose diseases are stubborn, should take a surtícient quantity of the pilis to vomit them once or twice, say overy third night till their disease is subdued. then take them in smaller doses until every vestige of it is exterpated. Be no lor.ger imposcd upon by "Tonü Mixtures," " Tonic Bitters," or any medicine reeoinmended to break the Fever and Ague; as tbey ai! contain more or less qui( ino and arnsnic, which, if they brenU the gue, injure the constitution, oftr,n causing the patients to linger out a miserable exis tcnce, subject to cvery other disease. These pilla do not break the Ague leaving the Kcattered fragmenta in the system, to show themselves in every other form, butby thoir cleansing propevties they root out every vestido of diseah-e, leaving the systern freo and heakhy. and the constitution not only unimpaired but improved Tliose who wish a tonic biter can mak e a most excel leut onc after the receipt that acc'ompanies each box of pills. Dooüttle and Ray, State Agents for Michigan. Orders nddressed to M. W. Birchard co., will rcceive attcntion. Sold by Doet. Mc. Lean Jackson; Dewy & co., Napoleon; Ellis & Pearson, Clialon T. D. Kief, Manchester; T. Huil, Leoni;C. G. G reveil, Grass-Lake; Kcelcr &. Powers Concord. For removing diseasss a rising from an. abuse of Mercury, chrpnio and conEíitutional diseases, such as scrofula or U'mg's evil, . secondary syphiJlis, ulceratione. corrosionsof tho throat, nosc, cheeks, lips, ears and olher pails of the body, cruptions on the skin, rlieumatic aiFections, white swelliiígs, pains in the bonos and joints, f'ever sores, obstinate old .sores, sealled head, salt rheum. ring worm and olher diseases arising from an unpure state of the blood. Also, habitual costivcness, pile3, chronic aftbctions of the liver, lungs and chest, pains in the stomach and sides, night sweats, fco. It is likewise much recommtnded as a cleansing spring medicine. This compound fluid extract is Alterativo Diuretic, Dinphoretic, Laxative, Arometic, and slightly stimulent, aud may be used successfuliy in scroffulous and sj'philoid diseases, and that shattercd state of the constis tution whu-h so often foüows the abuse of mercury, exotoses or morbid enlargement of the bones, supiginous mustules of ringworm; tilcerations generally; caries cf the bones; cartileges of üic nose, mouth, vvith the other diseaees abovc mentioned, tmd all diseaes arising from a morbid state of ihe blood. Thcre is hardly a phypician who has not had occasion to observe with pain, the ph'ag ' cdenic variety of herbs; and in spite t)f afi their remedies ho could bring uaiust tliis cruel disease, was compollecJ toacknowledge their inefficacy and nllovv the monster to corrode and destïoy the nose, cheeks, lips, eyelids, ears and temples; parts of which thtfj ir,alady gonerally affects a preference, But ín (lus extract, vvill be fotind a pc.'iect remecly, in all snch cases, and where the disease has not prodneed a very great derangement of structure, il will even yleld to this remedy in a very short limo. Within a very short poriod, thcre has been great improveinent3 in France, on the pharmaceutical and olienrical treattnent of Saisa parilla, and it has been fully provod that lenthe of the active pnngiples of thal valuable root is actually lost'Tn the usual mofle of preparing it for medical use. Tlie compound extract being a very nice pharmaceutical preparation, requires the rnost ri;id care and skilful management, and not without strict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of Hs constit uents. The French cheniists have ascertain ed by actual oxpenment, that the active principie of S;trsapariila is eithcr uestroyed by chemical charge, or drivcn ofF by the heat of boiüng waler; consequcntly the preparations from this root in general use, (whif-hare also frequeutly prepared by pereons unacquainifd with pharmacy, and from materiala rendered inert by ap;e or olhervise,( can have little or no effect upon the sys'em. G. W. M. taking advantagc of these facts has adopted an improved process for exttacting the medical virtucs from the active ingredients of this compouud fluid extract, which are nine in nu:nber, without hout; that is to say neither coricoction, infusión,, or macoration are made usi? of; nor is the temperature of ihe men?trum allowed )o exceed 80 dt'grees Fah. until every partiële oí' active principie is oxhausted, leavmg a tasleless mass behind; thereby cbiaining the wholeofthc soluMe active principie in a highly concentrated state, leavir.g out the fécula woody fibre, &.C., which encumbers tho extract obtained by decoction. The propnetor tlierefore bas not only the eatisfactionof assuring the medical f'ucultyand thé public, that Lliis remedy is prepared according to etrict chenucal and pharmaceutical rules, but that he also unitod somo of the officinale valuable and active vegitables, all of the clioicest golection which tnalerially enhances its value in the treatment of the dieeases above uamed.' He is therefore iuduced to offer this fluid extract 10 physicians and oth era under the fullest conviction of its supeiiority over thal n common use." Physicians wlll find greal advantage in the uso of this extract, and a great relief from the perplexities attendant upon the treatment of those obstinate cases which bid deñance to every remedy; their confidence prompts them (o prescribe sach a diet and régimen as in their judgemnnt the case would scorn to indícate; - thcreby giving the extract its full iniluence. Tiiis extract is prepared from, the best selectcd materials, without heat hy an mproved process; on an account of which, ït is preferred by physicians as boioi more active than any other noweforc the public. Prepared at the Chercncal Laboratory of G. W. Merchant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. N. B. A liberal discount mado to dealers and Physicians. The above article may be had at the store ofj. Mc'Lean, Jackson; Hale and Smith, Grass-Lake, and by the principie druggista throughout the state. W. S. and J. VV . Maynard, and Lund and Gibson, A}ents, AnnArbor. Jackáon, July 4th, 1C-Í0. BRiinïi.3 ! 332aualís ! '. Btauks ! ! "BTUST PRINTED, on fine paper and $5? in a superior 8ty!e, a large assort ment of blank Sumrnons, Subposnas, Exccu tions, kc. &c - For sale at this oflicc. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf The peculiaritiea of this Chemical Cotnpound, are owingto itse#traordinary effecls upon the animal fibre or nerves, ligament and muscles, its virtues being1 carried br thein to the imraediatc seat of diseaee, orof pain and weakness. However good any internal retnedy may be this as an external application, will prove a powerful auxilary, in removing the disensa and facilialing the curer in case of Local Inflamalion, Scroffulous Affections, King's Evil, Gout,Inflamtory,and Chronic Rhcunaatism, and in al! cases whtre seated pain ot weakncss exists. A gentlemen travelling in the South of Europe, and Palestino, in 1830, hcard 6o much said in the lalter place, in praiee of .Tow David's Piaster; and of the (as he considered miraculoua cures it performed, that be was kiduced to try it on his own person, for a Lung and Liver affeclion,the removal of ivhich had boen the cliief object ot his jourucy, but Wi'iich had rcsisted the genial influ. ïhee of thr.t balmy and delicious climate.- He put one over the región of the liver: :n he mean time he drank freely of an herb Lea of laxativo qualities. Wc soon found lis hsaltli inproviüg; and in a few weeks !iis cou&h leflhim, the sallowness of his skin lisappcared, hts pain was removed, and hia ïealth bccame permanently re-instated. It has likewise been very beneficial incas ses of weakoess, such as weaknes and pain n the stomticb, weak limbs, lameness, andi )ÍTections of the epii:e, fetnale weakness,S&c No female subject to pain or weakness in the. jack or side shoulu be without il. Married: adie3, in delicate situations find great re-, ief frora conslantly wearing this piaster. No pufling, or great notcrious certifícate! s in'ended. Those who wish to satisfy hemsc'.ves of the efficacy of this piaster, cat )biain sufficient to spread 6 or 8 piasters tbr 30 cents, a sum not half sufficient to pay for the insertion of a single certifícate into anj jf our mostcotnmon prints, a single tip'V__ Jiistrifling price per box is placed upon il in order that it may be withi the means of 3very affiicted son and 'l'aughter of the com. inunüy;thatGll,vh'ét'herrich orpoor.may obtain the tre'surG of healtb, wbich resulti torn tg use. Jev Davicl'sor Hebrew Piaster, is a con ty.n cure for cornsDirections accompany each box. Prict 50 cents. Doolitlle Ray, agents for Michigan. Country agents supplied by M. VV. Bircb ard fe Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLcan .Tackson; Dewey Si Co., ISapoleon: D. D Kief, Manchester; Ellis z. Pierson, Clinton F. Hall, Leoni; G.G. Grewell, Gras3 Lake Koeler &. Powers, Concprd. Ann Arbor, iMay 12, 1841. tf Every man woman and cliild n the United ütates, whti possesses a Bible, vvill sure!y furnish thernselves wilh the followiug beau tiful series of scripture Illustrations. 200 pictorial illustratiun of the bible, aod view in the Holy Land. Four hundred pn'ges, 8vo., fine paper handsomely bound, price only two dollars. - The subscriber respectfully invites the atlention of Clergymen, teachers ot sabbath schools heads of families, and booksellers, througbout the United States, to the above new, cheap, and splendidly Illustrated work, published and for sale, at No. 122 Nassau Sreet N. Y. City. lts features are better defined by the title: - Two Hundred Pictorial ülustrations of tho Scriptures, consisting of views in the Holy Land, together with many of the most remarkable objects mentioned in the oíd and new testaments, representing sacred historical events, copied from celebrated pictures, principally by the old master6, the landscape scènes, taken t'rom original sketches made on the spot, with full and nteresting letter-press descriptions, devoted to an explanation of the obpets mentioned in tha sacred text. On exaniination) this wilt be found a very ploasant and profitable book, especially for the perusal of Yonng People, abounding in the most vahmbie iuformation, collected with greit care from the best and latest suurces. It may, very properly, be designated a common plaoe book of every thing valuable, re lating to Oriental Manners, customs, and comprises within itself a complete library of religious knowledge. A volume like tho present, is far superior to the common Annuals - It will never be out of date- It is beautifully printed in new long primer type handsorneïy bound in muslin, gilt and lettered; and is, decidedly, the best and cheapest publication, (for the price,) ever issued frora the American Press. The present vork diíTers from all othera ever published in this country. The immense treasures of Art which the great Painters have boqueatlied to us on sacred Bubjects, are here opened to all, as far as thcy are capable of bemg diffased through the medium of wood engravings. Among our numeroua nunierouseinbelliühments, will bo found tba celebrated CARTOONS OF RAFFAELLE, and the series of the prophels, eo magnificent iy portrayed by Michaejl Angelo in th Sisline Chajael. VIEWS IN EDOM(PETRA,)EGYPT,fc. Theso latter, and all the Landscape Scène, are represented with that fidelity which wt are now alle to realize through the labora of recent travellers. The other objects.whether of Natural History, of Costume, or of AntiqiiitioE, ftre, a!so, delineated with equal accuracy. Mciny of the Illustrations require little or no coinment - thcy speak for ihemselvcs. The woi'k cannot fail in proving acceptablo to all denomination of christians. A liberal discount made to wholesale porchasers. Persons in the country, wlshing to act ai agenls, mny ohtain all the necessary information, by addressing their letters to tb subsenber, No. 122 Nassan street, N. Y. ROBERT SEARS, Publisher. Clergymen, Superintendents and Tachen of Sabbath Schooh, agents of religiouanew papers, and periodicals, Post-masters and Booksellers, throughout the country, are r spectfully requested to act as our agents. letter will be taken from the offioe unlflfli is post paid. May 19, 184U 4-tf