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Poetry: To The Friends Of Emancipation

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Toil and pray! Groweth flesh and spirit faint? Think of her who pours her plaint All the day- Her - the wretched negro wife, Robbed of all that eweelens lifej Her - who weeps n anguish wild For tho husband and the child Torn away! ' Nature's tics, k Binding heart with kindred heart, Rent remorselessly apart- Tears and slghs, Shrieks and prayers unhecded g'iven, Calling out from earth to Heaven - All that spcaks the elave's distress - AU ihat in his cup.doth press Asonies - Wo and blight, Breken heart ar.d palsied raind, Reason crushed and couscience blind, . Darkest night, Shutting frora th8 spirit'a ye, Iiight andglory from on high - Think of these and falter not! ToiljUntil the slaveis brought Up to light! What thófagh fíate Darkly scowls upon your path!. Fear ye not the tyranl's wrath; Hope and wait: For, though long the etrife endure,, Freedom's triumph shall be sure, Toil in faith, for God hath spoken, Every fetter ehall bebroken, Soon or late. Not in vain Hath been heard your voice of waruing; Lol a bet ter day is dawning, And again Shall be heard, from sea to sea, Loudestaongs of jubilee Bursting from a franchised nation, As it leaps in exultation From the chain!