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The Kissinger-korshah Connection Sexpionage

The Kissinger-korshah Connection Sexpionage image The Kissinger-korshah Connection Sexpionage image The Kissinger-korshah Connection Sexpionage image
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Editor of The Sun President John F. Kennedy, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, civil riglits leader Martin Luther King and a number of other political notables were the subjects of a series of as yet unreported sexual-blackmail operations carried out by-organized crime and U.S. intelligence agents, according to a top-secret report compiled by prize-winning independent investigators. The Detroit Sun has learned that the explosive research project centers on six major figures: John F. Kennedy: A'shadowy CIA officer's successful sexual-blackmail attempt forced the slain Prestdent's mother, Rose Kennedy, into cooperating in the coverup of the events of November 22, 1963, in Dallas. Henry Kissinger: Syndicate boss Meyer Lansky's attempt to compromise the Secretary of State with a film star was staged by Lansky's heirapparent Sidney Korshak, legal mouthpiece and alleged manipu lator of all organized vice. Martin Luther King: The FBI planned to "neutralize" Dr. King by filming a bogus pornographic scène using an actor to be publicly represented as the murdered civil riglits leader. Spiro Agnew: The sexual compromise of the Vice-President was managed by a showbusiness luminary with ties to both the CIA and organized crime. Charles "Bebe" Rebozo: The CIA leaked a venereal-diseasehomosexual dossier on President Nixon's former confidant to the press. Bobby Seale: The FBI planned to pit the former Black Panther Chairman against another Panther by compromising Mt. Seale's wife. The independent investigation I focuses on West Coast I gence and crime "sexpionage" activities, according to a source j close to the "Kissinger task forcé" who has given The Sun I (continued on page 6) 1 i The Kissinger-Korshak Connection Sexpionage (continued from the cover) the names of one team of authors of the report : prize-winning investigative jouralists Fernando Faura, Donald Freed (of the Washington, D.C.-based Citizens Commision of Inquiry), Jeff Cohen (of Boston's Assassination Information Bureau), and Michael Castleman, The Sun 's San Francisco Editor. According to the source, the material is being compiled for a b.ook which remains untitled. The Sun has secured excerpts of the Lansky-Korsliak-Kissinger section of the report that pre-date the Seymour Hersh-Jeff Garth New York Times series on Sidney Korshak, the new crime kingpin. The Kissinger compromise is the most closely-guarded material, but a West Coast researcher informs The Sun that many of the same sources used by the New York Times are behindour investigators' new research. „These sources include former agents of the FBI, the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Administraron (DEA), and the Los Angeles Pólice Department's Criminal Conspiracy Section. The stage for the Kissinger set-up was Le Bistro, the posh Beverly Hills club. An important investor in Le Bistro is Sidney Korshak, who has been called the brains belünd organized crime and the crime-controlled labor unions. According to-researchers, it is Korshak who arranged a meeting between Kissinger and movie star JU1 St. John, which took place at Le Bistro in 1970. Ms. St. ohn has long been close to Korshak and his Associated Booking Corporation, one of many fronts used by the master criminal strategist. The report also documents the 1969 charge that both Korshak and Ms. St. John were involved with Cuban crime operative Edward Torres, a former partner of convicted LBJ aide Bobby Baker, in a federal action related to a SI 3.2 million Securifies and Exchange Commission (SEC) fraud case. Korshak introduced Kissinger to a party in a private room for VIP's at Le Bistro which included Ms. St. John and labor leaders Herman "Blackie" Leavitt and Edward T. "Ed" Hanley, powers in the Hotel and Restaurant and Bartender's International Union (now facing indictment for conspiracy and pension-fund looting along with. their Teamster mentors). During tliis period the LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section (CCS) was monitoring all telephpnic communication between Korshak in Beverly Hills and Pálm Springs and Meyer Lansky in Israel", where the aging vice lord was desperately fighting expulsión. According to CCS sources, the telephone contacts were routed through a conference line in a mob-owned Miami hotel. In taped conversations Lansky and Korshak laid out the operation to "make the doctor (the code name for Kissinger, used first by Lansky) their man." Their plan was to play on Kissinger's well-known sexual vanity by involving the Secretary of State with a beautiful woman, then forcing him to use his vast influence to secure Israeli citizenship for the fugitive Lansky as a secret element in Kissinger's agenda for Mid-East negotiations. According to the highly-guarded independent investigative report, the final message from Israel to Beverly Hills was, "The patiënt is very ill. Find a doctor immediately." The Kissinger set-up seems to have misfired, as Lansky was forced to return to the United States (though the arch-criminal was never jailed), while the Secretary enjoyed a well-publicized friendship with Ms. St. John. In Chicago in the 1950's, Korshak had used exactly the same methods to stop Senator Estes Kefauver from any further crime exposure, according to the investigative report. The official story of the Kissinger-St. John friendship, which Kissinger himself offered for public consumption, was that the Secretary had been introduced to the movie star by a mutual friend, Frank Sinatra. Much of the new material in the secret report centers on the relationship of Sinatra to both organized crime and the Central Intelligence Agency. As in the Kissinger affair, the investigators say, the name of Sinatra as a go-between or "beard" will , surface in both the Kennedy and Agnew sections of the manuscript. And the names of Sinatra, Lansky, Korshak, Sam (Momo) Giancana, John Roselli, Waker Annenberg, "Red" Dorfman (Jack Ruby's boss), to name only a few-appear again and again. Material on President Kennedy that does not involve Sinatra stresses a particularly cruel coerción of the Kennedy matriarch, Rose. The authors of the report are preparing documentation that links the notorious (and mentally ill) clandestine CIA executive Cord Meyer, Jr. and James Jesus Angleton, the legendary "mother" of CIA covert operations and (at that time) head of Agency Counter-Intelligence, to the coverup of the'JFK assassination. According to the investigators, after Meyer's wife- who had had an affair with President Kennedy- was murdered, Angleton and Meyer came into possession of Mrs. Meyer's love letters from JFK. Angleton then informed influential WashingI tonians that he had "destroyed" the damaging evidence. However, it has now been I learned that Angleton had been in charge of the CTA's investigation of the PresiI dent's murder and continued his role as Action Officer on the case through the Clay I Shaw trial in New Orleans-and even down to his sudden "retirement" in 1975. During this period, according to the new report, Angleton threatened the PresiI dent's mother and other members of the Kennedy circle with exposure of the comI promising love correspondence, as well as other "political" documents having to do I with Cuba, unless they held firm against any reopening of the assassination invesI tigation. The eider Mrs. Kennedy, Washington sources report, has been almost hysterical in her appeals to elected representatives to stay away from any fresh inquiry into the events of Dallas, 1 963. The Sun has been unable to see any documentation of the Rebozo homosexualV.D.-CIA blackmaü operation alleged to be a part of the new book.' But a former aide of Governor Rockefeller of Arkansas confirms a bizarre FBI pornographic plot I against Reverend Martin Luther King in the 1960's. According to the Governor's aide, the "script" for King's blue movie was shown ia B 1 1 ' o' A ñ"t Icfijír SSS -32 EIS 3 inroiiTf: i.iih Sexpionage (continued from page 6) by the FBI to a member of the Governor's staff, a sometime CIA contract employee. The scenario to "destroy" Dr. King included a fraudulent piece of film that would have appeared dark and grainy as if shot by a hidden camera in an unlit motel room. Just as the CIA had Robert Maheu (the former Howard Hughes top aide) prepare such a film with an actor impersonating Indonesian President Sukarno, so, the Arkansas informant states, the FBI was developing a similar plan in order to "assassinate Dr. King's character." Finally, the authors of the report liaye uncovered evidence that will be made a pari of the Black Panther Party's multimillion-dollar civil action, to be filed soon in Washiugton, which charges that the FBI attempted to provoke the murder of Black Pantlier leader Bobby Seale in a confrontation with another Panther, Fred Bennett, by forging evidence linking Mrs. Seale with Bennett. The plan backfired, according to sources close to the Panthers, and Bennett himself was murdered by two FBI agents-provocateurs, one black and one white, whose names will be released after the filing of the lawsuit.