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One Police Rioter Freed

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The trial of six white Detroit pólice offïcers, charged with damaging a car di i ven by a black woman during a pólice riot at the oíd Federal Building last year, ended last week in a mistrial. The mistrial was declared August 24 by presiding Judge Elvin L. Davenport after he questioned jurors who admitted to reading newspaper accounts of the case. Two jurors admitted to reading a newspaper article about the case when it was passed around the jury room, contrary to the instructions of the court. The jury had been deliberating in the case for a number of days. Having found a seventh defendant, Ronald Jones, not, guilty, they could not reach a verdict on the fate of the other defendants, and had been inructed by Judge Davenport to continue their deliberations. The six defendants are Leiand Trewyn, 30; James Hendrickson, 25; Joe Phillips, 32 ; Thomas Phillips, 26; Timothy Smith, 28;andCarlRiley,29. They are accused of doing $300 damage to the car of Sylvia Wright, a stenographer, as she was leaving the Federal Building May 7, 1975, during a pólice ript over affirmative hiring measures instituted by the Yo.ung administration. Trewyn is scheduled to stand trial on another charge of malicious destruction of property stemming from the riot. Jones also faces a charge of aggravated assault, based on his alleged attack on a black pólice officer who suffered a broken nose in the scuffle.