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Postill Fight Continues

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After six investigations, three damage suits, and a court hearing involving 23 witnesses, the politica! hoopla in the Waslitenaw County Sheriff s race still hasn't let up. Pinned down in a weathering barrage of accusations, incumben! Sheriff Frederick Postill is digging in for the heavy artillery expected to start up as the November election draws ncar. Democrat Po'STttl is fighting off a Republican newspaper-that blankets the connty and the powerful Teamsters Union, arrtong others. Postill, wlio survived the Democratie primal y August 3, still faces another onslaught Ilis trial on assault charges stemming trom a July 1 1 lïght at a wedding reception in Chelsea, Midi. Postill has publicly declared his innocence and filed a counter-suit for libel and assault against Sheriffs Deputy Basil Baysinger. Postill and Baysinger accuse each other of starting the figlit. Postill's suspension of Baysinger after the figlit brought an accusatory union grievance from Teamsters' Local 214, which organizes pólice officers in Washtenaw County. Postill has outspokenly challenged the law-enforcement prioritiesof the naw County Proseeutor and the Michigan State Poüce in recent years. He is now threatening to sue Washtenaw County Proseeutor William Delhey him sel f, on charges üfleaking adverse investigative intormation to sympatlietic newspapers and concealing favorable information from Postill's attorneys. Postill now appears to be lining his siglits for a burst of legal counterattacks as his trial draws near.