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During September many planets will be in Libra, the sign of the scales: balance, harmony and justice. The Sun will be in Virgo until the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd when t moves into Libra. Virgo s very analytical, detailed and critical. These are hard times n Detroit. People n general, and young people in particular- with no jobs, and the schools crippled by an overwhelming lack of funds- see little justice and harmony around them. The situation is sensitive. The full Moon this month is in Pisces on the 8th. Pisces is very deep thinking and extremely sensitive. Combine that with the desirefor justice and the ability to analyze and criticize and we'll see what happens. Hopefully enough people in the right places will see the way to some economie solutions and we can control the tide of emotion that is swelling in the heart of this city. The following suggestions are for September 3-10. Be sure and read your rising and Moon signs, as well as your Sun (birth) sign. {fYl ARIES (March 20-April 18) T You respond quickly to what I 1 you see happening around A you. It can be especially good, or very difficult-depending on how . much thought you put nto 4 your actions. F 1 TAURUS (April 19-May 19)You long for harmony n your 1 ' personal life, but things are changing rapidly around you. Trust your own judgement with what you are doing and communicate decisions clearly. GEMINI (May 20-June20)You are very good with econo' ) mies right now. The more peopie nvolved, the more will be possible. Let others handle details whenever A possible. I CÁNCER (June 212D )uly21)-Youare 1 swimming n a wave of deas. Think more about r others you can help, rather than about your own f lems, and the returns will be great. A LEO()uly22-August21)-The I r- I limitations yoü are facing are Qx I er to analyze now. Think very ' hard before making major changes n ycfur Mfe and your decisions can be more maginative. VIRGO (August 22-September 21) I -vrrv - Don't blame other people when "j the goals you set are unreachable. ' ' Analyze your own approach and you can go much further than at first appears sible. LIBRA (September I k October 22)-Use this -- time well to develop I everything and everybody k you're involved with. k You should pay ticular attention to economics. Much k can be n your favor. SCORPIO (October I - - I ber 20)- Seek advice with your Yfif problems- steaming inside 1 - - - I self solves nothing. Don't make rash moves, but concéntrate on the future. SAGITTARIUS (November I 7 December 20)-Use your f nation more than your ' - ■ ' cisms-: What you come up with creatively will do more good n the long run all the way around. CAPRICORN (December (TTÖH January 20)-Be aware that you j are more sensitive than usual. ' The more practical and detailed you think, the more you will be able to solve and move forward. AQUARIUS (January I 1 ruary 18) - it s easy to move v& forward when you concéntrate - - - on friends and your work. Don't dweil on limitations- they are necessary to understand immediate possibilities. PISCES (February19-March19) I - Try not to drown yourself n y deep thought and emotional re-' sponse. This is a good time to be practical and payattention to detail. Í