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]y edifice has been destroyed by fire. It was sijpposed to be the work of incendiarles.- It was insured for fiileen thousand dollars. A part of the building feil on to a house occupied os a brolhel, burying one of the wretched inmates in the ruins.QJThe New York Evangelist thinks it very important that prayer ehould be made that all our rulers may be sober - that wo may have one soher Congress. Woukl it not be well for the peoplo tó see to it, that nonebut sober men are elected to Congress? Prevention is beiter than cure. QThe report of the Massachusetts Abo htion Society etates that more than 1000 ministers and churches, of different sects in the free States, have excluded slavcholders from fellowship, the past year. OImprieonment for debt ia decreasing. 10 000 iess were imprisoned in New York State for debt, the last year, than in 1831. The same is true of other States where these barbarous iaws exist. By a late decisión of the Superio. CourtofOglethorpe couniy, Georgia, the : testimony of several witnesses was i ed inadmissable on the ground that thcy J were Universalists, and üid not bclieve in J a state of future rewards nnd punishments. 03=The Emancipatur contains sundry advertisements from the Nafional Inlelligencer of May 20, in which, rewards amounting to $1,850 are oiTered for the re covery of eleven men and one woman, fugitivesfromSlavery. If the reward offercd for their apprehension be a tenth part of their value, the amount of Southern property thus strayed away amounts to $18,500. Oneofthcm, named Charles Steward, between fifiy and sixty years of ng, aclually left his owner, "without any provocation whatever." Whatan ungralefulwretchl Negro John is described as having "strong natural sense." This we think must be a mistake: for howcould a negro of "strong natural sense" prefer freedom to Slavery? Impossible!