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New Black School Opens

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New Black School Opens

   The Alexander Crummell School will open its doors in Highland Park to young black children this month. lts founders say that the new school will address itself to the total needs of children.

   The school, which is located on Glendale, offers a full curriculum academics, black culture, world religions, health and nutrition, physical fitness, the arts, and basic survival skills such as cooking, sewing, mechanics and gardening.

   School coordinator Imani Humphrey told The Sun that the goals of the school are to create and maintain a school whose environment and experiences teach liberation through self-awareness.

    "There will be no favorites and no failures- every child will learn at his/her own pace, without being made to feel dumb or different," Humphrey said.

   The school is open to all children of African descent and welcomes students of Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Yoruba and non-denominational backgrounds.

   The Alexander Crummell School will serve students from the first through eighth grades. They will be grouped according to interests, rather than by age.

   Tuition is $25 per week per student, with each additional child from the same family charged $20 per week. The director of the program is Rev. Anthony Thornell, a well-known area minister.