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Inside The Motor City

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Inside the Motor City

By Nadine Brown

 Several persons who read this column last week said they are anxious to start a campaign to get out the vote similar to what I mentioned here.

   They were particularly interested in how I said we were able to get non-voters who were on welfare to respond.

   Among other things, they said they wanted to get a group together to see if they can't "stop the freeloaders," by making it clear that taxpayers are tired of paying the freight for those who won't even register and vote.

   "While we're out here batting our brains out to help some of these people, they are sitting on their fannies and ignoring everything that's happening out here," one reader commented.

   I mentioned this to several legislators, and they are all for a drive to make the non-voters come out of their act. "People who don't vote are not helping us help them," one told me, adding "Yes, I'm all for it."

   The people who don't vote don't seem to realize that everything, including the water they drink, the food they buy, health care, and yes, welfare, are controlled by politics. And it takes legislation to make corrections.

   This means that we have to get more and more people to vote so we can develop some real power-voting power- in order to turn things around.

   It won't be done any other way. And as I've said before, if you don't vote, politicians will write you off and eventually everything may really be cut off from you. If that happens, you won't be able to do anything about it, because nobody will pay any attention to you. You are dead weight.

   We cannot say enough about this serious matter. We have lost some very sincere and capable elected officials because of voter apathy. And many issues pertinent to the welfare of this community have gone down the drain because so many people did not exercise their right to vote.

   And, again, I repeat, all we have to do is check the registered voters list and find out if you have voted or not. So you see, those of you who shun the voting places can't hide.

   There are things coming up that will make the hair rise on our heads, and if we are not prepared for it- with an outstanding show of strength of registered voters- it will be a disaster.

Please believe me. This is not just to scare the hell out of you, although I would if I have to. It is simply fact, not fiction. This is a real world, and non-productive people are already being discounted. So don't be caught in that number.

   Go out and register as soon as you read this. It is not only your right, but your duty- for your own sake and that of your children.