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Slavery In The Church

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The RockRiver congregational assnciation of Illinois iiave responded to Ihe Address of ihe Congregational Union of Scotland. on the subject of Slavcry - condemning the whole system in the most decided terms. They say: "It affords us pleasure, that our views so entirely harmonize with yours on this great subject. We consider Slavery maIvm per se. We hate it in the abstract, and in lts muhiludinous practise9. In accordance with these views, we have at different times expressed our abhorrence of it, and after solemn deliberation, have lelt itour duty to exclude from our pulpits and communion tables, all "whotrafficin thcir fellow beings, or ho!d them in bondage for purposes of gain."OrA letter to the E-Jitorof the Emancipator, from Genesee county, N. Y. 27ili April, says: ''Last fa.II, 16 vote3 were cnst here for Birnoy and Eiirle, and I voted the only county ticket that went through all the offices, But were an election to be held to day for county office rs, I have no doubt ïhere would be nearly or quite 50 whole hearted voters for the liberty ticket. Our march isonvard;last faU'sscramble did U9 goodjletus not be weary inwelldoing; iho slaves will soon be free."