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The Peaceable Kingdom

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Detroit Institute of Arts

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb"- at least some of the time- and if you happen by the Detroit Institute of Arts you'll see Centaurs, Night Hawks, sad fish, plaintive fish, man-headed fish (courtesy of Redon) and every other beast and fowl to be found cohabiting nicely on the museum's walIs as part of The Peaceable Kingdom- Prints and Drawings from the Permanent Collection.

If Audubon's huge, meticulous bird prints can't be brought into focus, try Fish by Matisse or Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, done in lines so fat and bold the ink's not dry yet.

Oshaweetuk's Eskimo Legend of the Owi, Fox and Hare prepares the eyes and spirit for Durer's The Great Horse and, for a change, The Small Horse-demon germanic visions that shift culture a few steps further in Keisai Eisen's Tiger and Moon.

Look closely at Renee Sintenis' Running Fox and swear it doesn't move. Jivaroland Frog Cup by Kenneth Price is happy as a warm rock while Tiepolo's Two Greyhounds shiver.

Fashion Notes for Goats by Mahoni Young, like a lot of the exhibit, needs careful study- look keen, sniff, ogle, get down on all fours, scratch behind the ears and howl at those truffle-smelling pigs in the forest.

And when you go, leave with Manet's Raven in Flight, a whisp of dark smoke out of Poe's latenight pipe.

The Peacable Kingdom will be looking pretty, causing no trouble or noise until January 9, 1977 when it goes back to the cages. It's across from the Kresge Court.

-Harald Habinski