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Th ere were slain bysea and land,during ihe last war between Englíuid and France 2,100,000 men.- The cost to England was L1,058,000,000 - the greater part of which is still unpaid in the national debt! - Sig. of Lib. This is one of the silty paragraphs regarding Britain which we daily see mamaking the round of papers. The fiigures denote that the cost of (he French ivar to ihat country, was L1,058,000,000. Now a billion we think rneans a miilion of millions, and as the whole debt of Britain Ittcks at least one third of being a thousand of millions, it is obvious that the French war, expensive as it undoubtedly was, for it cost in round numbers six hundred millions,did not come to a tithe of the cost indicated by the Signa!. Hillsdale County Gazetle. Our friendof the Gazeltc does not read aright. He wil} find by consulting Dabolls or any othcrarithmetic, that the sum here designated, is equal to one thousand and fiftyeight miilion pounds. By comparing this amount with the six hundred millions which he admits the war cost, it will be found that the latter sum is considerably more than "a tithe1'' of the former.