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Begin Your Weekend With The Detroit Sun

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Begin Your Weekend With The Detroit Sun

   It used to be that Sun subscribers got the short end of the stick. If they were lucky, their copy of The Sun arrived, oh, ten days or so after the publication date, which made The Calendar good for lining the bottom of birdcages and not much else!

   With The Sun's switch to weekly publication last issue, the popular U. S. Post Office now sends out our subscribers' Suns the day they get 'em, just like the real thing. No more wailing and gnashing of the teeth. No more missed gigs because the Calendar came too late. No more weekends sitting around wondering "what to do, what to do."

   If you subscribe now, using one of our convenient payment plans, your Sun will shine in your mailbox by Friday, just in time for the weekend. f

   The Detroit Sun-we may not have it all-covered, but you' re got to admit .... we're trying!