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Anniversary Of American Independence

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03=At a respectable meeting of the citzens of Ann Arbor, held at the Methodist hapel, Wednesday evening, June lGth, Mr. John West was appointed Chairviwi, nd Mr. W. C. Voorheis, Secretary. On motion of Rev. J. P. Cleavcland, cconded by the Rev. Mr. Iludson, the folowing resolutions, after remarks from sev;ral gentlemen, were unanimously adopt)d, viz: Whereas, in the opinión of this meeling t is highly desirable that the Anniversary four National Lndependence, should ihvays be observed in a manner bccoming i moral and christian peoplo; therefore, Resolved, That whilst we would in no vay inferiere with ihe preferences of our 'ellow citizcns, for a different mode of ataining the same object, this meeting will jow take measurea for an appropriate reigious observance of the day in question, r respective of political divisions ordenomnalional dififerences. Resolved, Thai a commktee of five be now appointed with full powers lo make til necessary arrangements to secure the Dl'ject set forth in the foregoing resolutions. Resolved, That it be recommended to the committee to invite the Sabtiath schools of this village and immediate vicinity, to unite in the ntended ceiebration,and that the committee provide suitable Addresses and Music for the occasion. Resolved, That the commitlee be instructed to hold the intended celcbration on Saturdáy, preceding the 4ih of July, at such time and place as they shall deern best, giving due notice of the same from the pulpit and the press. The meeting then appointed Messrs Thos. Mosely,John West, John Allen, Levi Townson and Dr w. II Cowles, to conslitute the Committee of Arrangements. On motion of T. M Ladd, seconded by V. H. Powell, Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published iu all the papers o this village, signed by the Chairman anc Secretary. JOHN WEST, Chairman. W. C. Voorheis, Secretary.OThe Cominittee of Arrangement?, agrceably lo the above resoluüons, i spectfully invite the Sabbath Schoois,wiih l thc choirs ofour different congregations, L and also the Ann Arbor Band, to unite in the celebration. The invitation is cordially extended to all the citizensof this vil- lage and vicinity to particípate in the cxercises of the day. Thc Ladies are requested to provide suitable refreshnients for the Sabbath School children; and for this purpose they will meet at the house of Mr. Parsons, on Wednesday of this week, at ! o'clock, P. M. to make their arrangements. The children of the Sabbath Schools, with their teachers, will meet at the Meth odist chapel, at 10 o'clock, A. which hour the procession will be formed and move to the Presbyterian church. After the exerciaes, they will again march in procession to the place of their repast. CELEBRATION OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE- AT ANN ARBOR, JULY 3, 1841. I. Voluntar;, by the Ann Arbor Band. II. Reading Scriptures and Prayer, by Rev. IV. íIüdson. III. Music, from the Orchestra. IV. Reading the Declaration of Independence, by Lfa'i Townson, Esq. V. Music, from the Orchestra. VI. Address, by F. Sawyer, Esq. VII. Music, by ihe Juvenile Choir. VIII. Remarks to the Schools, by the Rev. J. P. Cleaveland. IX. Doxology, by the Choirs. X. Benediction. By order of the Com. of Arrangements. THOS. MOSELY, Marshal