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Do you wonder why Viking 1 and now Viking 2 have been running in-to so many problems in the billion-dollar mission to find lite on Mars? Man's quest to explore outer space is understandable tbr thosĂȘ who have followed the tales ofwhat's happening outside the earth's atmosphere, froni as far back as the comic books and all the way through their studies in colleges and universities. Of course, there are those who really don't believe that man actually landed on the moon. They are limited by their lack of imagination and certain evidence that sliould arouse the curiosity. Those same people do not believe reports that an artificial planet is being created 24,000 miles in outer space, in the area of the moon. That man-made planet is to house 10,000 very carefully-selected inhabitantsand will cost American taxpayers S100 billion. They are now talking about colonizing the moon. And space stations are also in the picture. Some time ago, I sent out a warning, when they began to talk about landing on Mars and Venus, that they had better be very careful. Mars is my planet, I said, and they may get the shock of their lives if they start messing around there. Well, they have been cautious, and not necessarily because of what I said. I think they suspected problems long ago. Mars is the planet that has been a major target of their experimental projects all along. Viking 2, according to reports, has met with similar difficulties as those faced by Viking 1 : the jamming of the mechanical arm that was supposed to piek up soil for testing. Scientists say they were unable to diagnose the trouble with Viking I and get it working again. An Associated Press report said three biology experiments aboard the lander were "properly cranking away, apparently having received their rĂ©gimen of Martian soil. "But the search for organic materials-carbon-based molecules found in every living thing on earth-stopped dead in its tracks." The report states that Viking 2's telescoping arm developed problems after scratching the rocky utopian surface and delivering a clump of soil to the tiny biological laboratory. "The arm was to have delivered the remainder of the soil to an X-ray probe, but the delivery was never made." the report concluded. I"m sure there will be some effort to explain all this to the general public, but there is a question in my mind as to the validity of any forth-coming explanation. A man pointed out during a conversation Sunday that the Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. "Of course they will," he said. "because those other people will be in outer space."