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"to Lose An Angel" Masonic Temple

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l'd say that the ambitious young Vanee Dennard, who wrote, directed, produced, promoted, and acted in To Lose An Angel at Masonic's Scottish Rite auditorium last Thursday, clearly demonstrated that a good rule of thumb in the theatre business is to do one thing at a time until you have about 10 years experience- after that you may know a little, and perhaps take additional responsibilities. Dennard the actor did a good job in a carneo role as a wino, probably because he wrote his own Unes. Except for Chuck Hayjiie, though, who was believable as a hood, I wish the other actors could have written theirs as well-it could have helped n their characterizations and made the entire production more worthy of the work that went nto t. Dennard the playwritedirector I obviously wasn't aware that it is the rare white performer in Detroit who will act in a new black production company because two of the leads were written for whites and, in their absence, had to be played by blacks. The effect of this "optical IlusiĆ³n" was rather confusing. Brother Dennard did put together a good promotion effort: he filled half the house, which was no mean feat. Why he even booked the Scottish Rite, though, I will never comprehend. With the Langston Hughes and Midtown theatres standing dark, why go downtown- and pay a big rental fee- with Thursday-only production? THfiTCi J 1 A