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Slavery--by A Slaveholder

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ïur. renshaw, in the recent debate before the Kentucky Legislature, thus depicts the effects of slavery. "To my mind it is astonishing that gentlemen of the fine sensibilities which J know ihem to possess, should have forgotten the horrid and revolting scènes to which, in daya that have gone by, we have all been witnesses - the mothcr torn from her infant, shrieking and clinging to her neck'- the tyrant negrosdriverscarce giving her time to bathe its cheek in tears, or impress a frantic kiss upon its lips,she s denied even the tender farewell - the whipandthethrongat hand, she is hurned from its embrace- and wildly looks an everlasting farewell, AU this we wit noBsed when the slave trade was in our borders; and surely, gentlemen wíl] pause before they open sueh a traffic even in the South. There are some conaiderationsbearing upon this subject which gentlemen rnay deern trifling, but which I esteem ofgreat raoraent. Look, sir to the South, and whatJo webehold? Parenta with their undrcds of negroes, and rich in thecíes and tho bones of man - no demnnd for the labor of their sons and daughters, their young men engaged in the honors ofthechase or the bowie knife, or lhe stil I more honorable carousals of the grogshop, "Idleness is the parent of vice," and most of these honorable employments are attributnble to the idleness consequent upon slavery. We have compara tively few slavesj yet can not any one perceive thedeleterious influence which slavery has exerted and is exerling upon the people of Kentucky? Yourold men of sixty possess more vigor and 6trength of consiitution than your men of twenty or thirty years of age. Therosy tinge is fast fading f rom the cheeksofyour daughters; their constituiions are rapidly deteriorating; and instead of the vigorous constitution, the erecí, dignifíed, and graceful carriage, which we were wont tosee, we find our ladies in their "leens" with sickly conslitutions, at, enuntcd forms, and the stoop of old age. frue, they are still tavely; bt hów niueh more so vvould they be with a form full of etrenglh and life, and a cheek glowing with vitality. Do you wish to invigorate the constitution of the young? thcn give us no more negroe?. Put ynur boys and girls to some active employment - raise hern to ndustry." This is a slaveholder's own picture of