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We have a big 53 Free Trips again this week, and something is happening all the time. Let's start out with some free flicks coming our way, including: the Search for the Nile on Friday, '1 :30 pm at the Student Union, MCCC, Mt. Clemens and 7:30 pm at the Macomb County Library, Mt. Clemens. The Royal Oak Library Sound Film Series presents Open City on the 30th at 6:30. Also on the 30th, The Oxbow Incident shows at the Avon Township Library. Bicentennial Films shown at the Henry Ford Centeny nial Library in Dearborn, ___ days at 7 Pm. In Kalamazoo on the 28th at the Kalama'zoo Aud., KVCC will present I 7 776 at 7 pm. And all day long on the 25th, starting I at 2 pm and continuing for I 28 straight hours, s the International Movie 1 thon on Channel 56, with 15 different movies. From there let's go on to see some of the many exhibits in town. At the wonderful Art Institute it's The Peaceable B dom;the Science Center has Blood Nn and How It Circulates; many historie photos by Alfred Steightz at the Halstead Gallery n Birmingham; the Cliché Verre exhibit at the Art Center n Mt. Clemens features examples of the photo-chemical prinl-making process; Michigan And The World of Work, showing the ways Michiganders have used to earn their Mvelihoods, at the Walter P. Ruether Library on the WSU Campus, Cass & Kirby; Sam Karres paintingson show at the AAA Gallery on Grand River; the Gertrude Kastle Collection is at the Meadowbrook Art Gallery; and on the Oakland University Campus on the 29 & 30 is the Hiroshima Print Exhibit (Crockery O.C.) and the Sale and Exhibit of Original GraphicArt, O.C. Art Exhibit Lounge, Sept. 30. A different type of exhibit s the Flea Market on Sunday at the Oak Drive-In in Royal Oak from 9-4; there is a!so the Torn Walker Grist Mili n Fenton, the only water-powered mili around, cali 629-9079 for info. Other outside fun includes the Nature Center and Trails at Metroparks-Stoney Creek, Kensington and Oakwood - along with all the fun at Belle Isle: the Giant Slide, Aquarium, pony rides, Conservatory, Great Lakes Museum, Children's Zoo and the vast playground and picnic sites. There will be an Open House at the Women Center at Oakland University _X on the 29th from 1 1 am to 1 pm, with refreshments. Other types of open houses avail able are those n the formof tours such as the Detroit 1 Metro Water Dept.; 3712525; Henry Ford's Rouge Plant, 322-0034; I GM's Tech Center, 575ƒ 0034; Stroh's Brewery, 961 -5540; Hiram Walker Distillery n Windsor, 2545171;theNBD Money Museum at Fort & Woodward; Detroit Free Press, 222-6888; 0)00 Detroit Sun, 961 -3555. September Spice is the free musicart dance program brought to us by the Detroit Council of the Arts and it features the Munch 'N Music series, the 27th at noon in St. Antoine Park, 1 326 St. Antoine with the Detroit Gabrieli Brass Ensemble, the 29th at noon in Harmonie Park and the 3Oth at noon in Kennedy Square. On the 28th there is an Art Market from 10-4 on the Kern Block and a special Food For the Soul Dance with various Detroit companies dancing under the sculpture at the foot of Woodward from noon to 6. On the lecture trail there are a couple things happening at the Art Institute: on the 24th, American paintings of the 30's by Susan Rosen in Gallery 235; and Sept. 29 and Oct. 1, Flight Into Egypt, discussed by Kathleen Payne, Gallery 229. It'sall FREE! O