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I A&M ANNOUNCES OUR LATEST I EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. Hvlil a 'rf i B fc.. fl B bbbhbbWJI bbtbb! JOAN ARMATRADINGRICHIE HAVENS -"The G1NO VANNELL1 - ESTHERSATTEKJFIJ-I-D"Joaa Ar matrad ing" End Of The Beginning" "The Gist Of The Gemini" "The Need Tb Be" You may not have hcard of The voke comes to you ín an A rtchly woven musical work RECORD WORLD called her JottAr)atradtng,tnit sh unmistakablerasjxTheguttat of syrnphonic magnitude, as tht Tnp New Femalc Jazz koowsyou. The most iatense relemlessly drives the point rhythmic as it s cnveloping, Aftistof 19?6:' "TheNeedTo andpsonisinger,songwriter home: Probablynoochtf man "The Gist Of The Gemini" Bc" transcendí musical cateandnisidan tocóme out of cwild rake the songs of Bob nfoidsGino'sdaringly jnks. Ancl inhebest tradiGteat Britain in years. DeDylan, Van Mofrison, James personal songs and strikingly tionirf gifted vocaUsfsEsther scribed by many as a "funky Tnylor, The Doobte BroAers, powctf ol in an atmomafccsyonquickly forgetthat joniMittheirora"female lOcc.Steely Dan, and Richie sphereof ntcnscly provocativc you rr listen ing man album as Jimi Hendrix!' Features the hit Havens and turn them into energy. A musical approach slic brings you into her world singlt ' 'Ijove and Affection!' sitchcompeUingand personal th.u proves once again that of intímate ballads.rousíng music. Richie Havens makes "thtres no one like Gino pop songs, grear ja22, and I muMcnew. Vanneili!" Fe.i tures the smash bctier tomorrows Inclmles mffiX MÖijMil hitsmg!e"I.ovc()fMyI.ife:' Esther's versión of theChuck J'""'")'"" IflMMMMBH Mangiunc si.inj.iol, "Chase HOL tlèrSwVli Hk EfíiíiS tiY mmií T!if Clouds A w.v . (f wÜB r ffBMTO E wyjm3 7 '"Sf'k THE OTKft SOf OF ABBCY ROAO nARFDFVILS- HUMMINGBIRD- I p c. MenFromEarth" "tGoOa T1M WEISBERG - I 'iM [ Thegtoupthatbroughtyou Meetmg Th.s 'AtUt GEORGE BENSON - ■Jackie Blue" and ïf You, streamThe man who has elcctnfied "The Other Side Of Wanna GetToHeaven" lined, and br.ghtly colored . aud .enees on college campus Ab(je Road„ .nftlu-rlafí-aí:hevement thats what their music tsand across the countrj ■ puts all of ' . sent tiH.ii i.hcm dLiucvcuiLiiL. . 'tt- i. The min whn -r rhf musical Pmwiim. msrnimental that s whV tlieir name IS Hum" his showsroppers tngether in ' BC man " scr tne musnai forXê m.ngb.rd Fiv, ndividual.y ?ly„amic .fve album. AI. the W monies laced wth the aroma of renowned mus.cians celebratdelicá, renzy. and m.cnsiry SÏÏKS32t hickory smoke and taU p.nes. ■" bil.iy ' Prcf em ' '" Br"fiht J wt % ' Shc &T Defin.ïely music from Earth. elves ?"d S' V "e íe SteatCSt H Xo den Slumbers" Unpretentiov-s and clean. A sensaticmal fusion nf rock. ,stS,n r,prm,ik YoNcver cte Me W jazz, and rhythm and blues. roiiMurncMeronr l. ....Tl VKïSLHI Money" "Becausei1 "Come ?Í!pSj ÜHTTVTinii Ê&9l9&-t Together! "Oh! Darling!' MÍÉ jJ_M_ÈAB ' Herc CoiTK'sThe Sun.' "Somet" SSlöÈi thing" "Octopus's Garden" vALDv-"'v,i.i,AnJ w"ï-u"'To11" Records issaaibsr1 "="4"J- ss&L & Tapes. Brothers Johnson, Quincy's symbol of the dreanjto return scns.t.v.ty and the smaMi W newest d.scovery The ' s'mPlef waV of '■ Va,klV a"1 th mak L T one . lineandlOOoftheworld-s offers the voice, words, and of the mostoutstanding -- greatest mitöicians. More than " that make him Canada s newcomers in the world f ffM an album, .t-sa musical tour of most popular singer songmus.ct.Klay Indudcsdic %SL& the musical world of the riter. If yo admite rugged nanonwKc hu Love Bailad .P phenomenal Qu.ncy Jones. Wf fi nau.r.,1 courage, and lots of lovc. togetherness ' you II admire Valdy. ad dtvotion. LPS 399 2-Album Set $4.98 530 S. State St., Ann Arbor (in the basement of the Michigan Union) Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri 9-5:30, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5