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If slave laws are mere local regulations, vhich oihcr states are under no obligation ' o regard, ihensurely the Church of Christ 8 undfir no obligation to recnnize, or rotect them in any ma-nner. For no one vill pretend, thatthe slave power has any more right o extend her dominion over ho church, than over a free State. All ihat the church does to support slavery, must then, be a free, voluntary act; an act which neither the laws of God or men require. Ifthe church takes slavery under her protection, places slaveholders in her pulpilö, nwkes black laws lo enforce her claims, and resisis those, who try to expel this enormou? sin frotn ihe church, she does it of ber onn free net. No obligation rests upon her thus to how down, and worship the sum of all ivickedness; thus to pcllute herself,o In ju re her own members, to disgrace her King and Lord, to strengthen the hands of the wicked and to make herself the mean pander of slavery. Why should the church so degrade herself? Why enter info such an alliance? i Why give up that honorable freedom which Christ has given her, and truckle to the blackest tyranny? How much better would she appear, how much more terrible to her enemies; how much more worthy of her high station, of her relation to the Son of God, if she dared to vindícate the rights of man, to say, that every man ought to be a freeman, to meet slavery at her threshold with tho declaration,you are a relation purely local, I do not recognize you, and can give you no countenance. -