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The Autumn Equinox is signaled by the Sun moving nto Libra-this year on September 22. Libra s symbolized by scales representing justice, harmony and balance. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Significantly, Venus moves into Scorpio on September 26th. Scorpio tends to intensify and deepen the effect of any planet within its sphere of influence. During this time our desire to feel and express the Venus within us is vivid. v ARIES (March 20M April 1 8)-You can en 1 joy a deeper thinking and more creative time now, as long as you don't focus on problems through your emotions. Be thorough in your planning. TAURUS (April 19May 19)-A fast-mov 1 ing, sometimes confusing time for you. Concéntrate on hard facts to achieve the best results. Avoid being stubborn. _- I GEMINI (May 20-)une 20)-Your thoughts 1 are effective as long as you don't get hung up on detail. Your personal relationships are delicate. Discipline yourself and you can produce much. I CÁNCER (June 21UQ July 21)-Nourishyour - 1 good feelings about other people and try to.understand that everyone has problems. This s a good time to plan for the future. r I LEO (July 22-August OJ 21)-Yourlovesand ' frit'ndships can be a source of pain f you expect too much. Do more to get yourself organized, and be patiënt for results. Beware oflaziness. r==r-l VIRGO (August 22y September 21 )-Try C- I to keep the facts and your imagination separate. You can get easily rrilated trying to communicate unless you are tolerant of who s listening. -. I LIBRA (September 22 == -October 22)-Busness ' and personal relationships ntensify now. Sensitivity is heightened, and tempers may fiare. Much good can come to light when you investígate mat■ ters thoroughly. I SCORPIO (October 23 VKf November 20)-You - ' are extremely aware of your love life and what you want out of t. Disappointment s almost certain unless you show patience and understand limitations. - 3"j SAGITTARIUS(No■ vember 21 -December Li 1 20)-You will not be able to achieve your goals without a lot of discipline during thistime. Unexpected setbacks can be a sign that your imagination is out of hand and you expect too much. 7T5 CAPRICORN (DecemY3 ber 21)anuary 20) ' Controlling your cmotions is easier when you concéntrate on communicating and getting things out in the open. You want to be more creative and can succeed when you persevere. I AQUARIUS()anuary aaL 21-February 18)-A - - - ' good time to concéntrate on the details of business. Try not to be disappointed n friends and lovers- keep your eye on the future. y7 PISCES(February 19y March 19)-Your deep ' est feelings are intensified and can be confusing. Getting the facts straight is paramount in identifying the details that can bring success.