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The only way that people can be duped and put into trick bags is if they live in a world of fantasy- that is, if they refuse to face facts.

Far too many people go through life in a vacuum, not looking to the left or right to see what is going on. It's as if they were wearing blinders, like a horse, oblivious of other people or things around them.

Apparently they feel that if they confine themselves to their own little narrow worlds, minding their own business and not becoming involved in the problems around them, they can preserve their own little kingdoms. They fail to understand that the whole scheme of things was not designed to work that way.

This goes for black, white and other minority groups. Members of one minority group will allow themselves to be fooled into believing that what is happening to another group, particularly blacks, doesn't affect them.

What they forget is that the power brokers also have them in a trick bag, and if one minority is successfully repressed- and, yes, eliminated- they could very well be next. This is especially true of so many in the same minority grouping who think they have made it when they are elevated into some kind of prestigious position. Remember Hitler's Germany and what happened to the rich and professional Jews who thought they were safe?

Another thing to remember is that the hole that's being dug for black people is big enough for a lot of others who are considered in the "non-productive" category. Robots have been created that can do the job far better than most people and will not rebel. So you'd better think long and hard about that too.

All the talk about an artificial planet, 240,000 miles in outer space, is by no means fiction. It's for real, as is the process of genetic engineering and the man-made gene that was created in 1970, which some scientists say they fear may be used for destructive purposes.

As a man named Kirmit Eby, of the Chicago Council of Churches, said about a decade ago: "It is so easy for man to think he is God."

Power is a dangerous force in the hands of the schemers and the evil-minded who disregard the underlings-that is, all vulnerable and easily manipulated people. And there are far more of them among us than we'd like to believe exists.

It is because of people who are not willing to live up to their individual and collective responsibilities but would rather leave authority in the hands of others that repressive dictators are created.

Many of the adverse things that are happening today could have been avoided if people had been willing to accept responsibility and do their share-to call their leaders, elected and appointed, to task when they go off on a tangent and disregard the people's needs.

All this is meant to wam the apathetic to wake up and join those who do care about what happens, not only to themselves but to others as well. Read, listen, learn and make your presence felt.