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Detroit & Suburbs

"A Touch of Spring," comedy by Samuel Taylor, curtain time: 8:30, Fri., Oct. 1, Sat., Oct. 2; Oct. 8, Oct. 9; Oct. 15, Oct. 16 at the Will-O-Way Repertory Theatre, 755 West Long Lake Rd., In Bloomfield Mills, 644-4418. Four week run.
Aladdin, a new musical fantasy for children featuring the world life-size marionettes, presented by the producers of the popular Pinocchio, at the Fisher Theatre. Opens Mon., Sept. 27 at 1 pm only. Tues.-Fri. 10:30 am-1 pm, Sat. 11 am-1:30 & 4 pm, Sun, 1 pm-3:30 pm. $3.50, $2.50, $2.00.
"Seasons' Reasons," By Ron Milner, opening at the Music Hall Dec. 14.
"Fiddler on the Roof," coming to the Fisher Theatre, Oct. 5 for 5 weeks.
Strafford Theatre Festival, Stratford, Ontario (313) 964-4668: "Anthony and Cleopatra", "The Merchant of Venice", "The Importance of Being Earnest", "Hamlet", "The Tempest", "Three Sisters", all on Festival Stage, "A Midsummer Nights Dream" on Avon Stage.
"Golden Boy," by Clifford Odets. Nov. 4-7, 11-14, at the Considine Center, 8904 Woodward Ave. 823-5176 for Information after 7 pm. Also coming soon, "High Time", by Alan Rossett, and "The Cave Dwellers" by William Saroyan.
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," Macomb Theatre At-The-Barn, 16500 Hall Rd., Mt. Clemens, Sept. 23-Oct. 3,Wed.-Sat., 8:15, Sun. 7:15.
"A Raisin In The Sun," by Lorraine Hansberry, Oct. 12-24, The Performing Arts Company, M.S.U., 355-0148.
"Major Barbara," by Bernard Shaw, Nov. 16-20, The Performing Arts Company, 355-0148.
"The Women," now thru Oct. 10, Okemos Barn Theatre, 8 pm, E. Lanslng.
"The First Breeze of Summer," Oct. 15-16, 22-23, 8:30 pm, Oct. 17-24, 2:30, Bonstelle Theatre, 3425 Woodward nr. Mack.
"As You Like It," by William Shakespeare, Oct. 8 thru Feb. 19, at the Hilberry Theatre, 577-2972.
"The Miser," by Moliere, Oct. 15, Hilberry Theatre, 577-2972.
"The Journey of the Fifth Horse," Nov. 17-Feb. 17, at the Hilberry Theatre, 577-2972.
Detroit Town Hall Lecture Series: Oct. 20, F. Lee Bailey; Nov. 17, Dr. Joyce Brothers; Feb. 2, Morley Safer (60 Minutes), at the Fisher Auditorium, 873-4400.
"Taming of the Shrew," Oct. 20, 23, 24, Music Hall Center, 963-7680.
"Oedipus," Oct. 21, 22, Music Hall Center, 963-7680.
Dimitri, 6:30 pm, Mime, dancer, and clown. Music Hall Center, 963-7680.

Ann Arbor

"Of Thee I Sing," Oct. 13-17, Oct. 20-24, 8 pm, Quirk Auditorium, EMU, Ypsi, $3.00, $2.50 students.
"Les Chaises" By Eugene lonesco (in French) Oct. 8, 8 pm in Mendelssohn Theatre, U of M, 764-0450.
"Spectacle Moliere"- play in French, Oct. 9, 8 pm in Mendelssohn Theatre, U of M, 764-0450.
"I Do, I Do"- dinner theatre at the Ann Arbor Inn every Fri. & Sat. thru Oct. 16. 769-9500 for info.

Detroit  & Suburbs

Detroit Film Theatre at the Art Institute, two shows nightly, 7 & 9:30: Oct. 1, "Castle of Purity" (Mexico-1974); Oct. 2, "Pickpocket" (France-1959); Oct. 3, "A Bird That Sings" (France-1959); Oct. 8, "The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty" (Germany-1973), Oct. 9, "The Exterminating Angel" (Mexico-1962); Oct. 10, The Red Snowball Tree" (U.S.S.R.-1974); Oct. 15, "Kaseki" (Japan-1974); Oct. 16, "L'Atalante" (France-1974); Oct. 17, "Lenin in Poland" (U.S.S.R.-1965).
Royal Oak Public Library Sound Film Series, 222 E. 11 Mile. FREE 6:30 pm: Oct. 7, "Farewell To Arms" with Gary Cooper & Helen Hayes; Oct. 14, "Seventh Veil" with James Mason/Ann Todd; Oct. 21, "Scarlet Pimpernell," with Leslie Howard; Oct. 28, "Abraham Lincoln, with Walter Huston; Nov. 4, "Secret Agent," with Alfred Hitchcock.
U of M-Dearborn: Room 179 E.L.B. - Adm. $1.00: American Film Series: Sept. 29-Oct. 3, "Young Frankenstein"; Oct. 6-10, "Maltese Falcon"; Oct. 13-17, "Horse-feathers"; Oct. 20-24, "Two For The Road"; Oct. 27-31, "Uptown Saturday Night"; Nov. 3-7, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"; Nov. 10-14, "Marnie". Foreign Film Series: Sept. 29-Oct. 3, "The Last Tango in Paris"; Oct. 6-10, "Satyricon"; Oct. 13-17, "Death In Venice"; Oct. 20-24, "Testament of Orpheus"; Oct. 27-31, "Persona"; Nov. 3-7, "Two English Girls"; Nov. 10-14, "The Lady Vanishes".
Cass City Cinema, First Unitarian Church, Cass & Forest, 7:30 & 10:00 pm,$1.50: Oct. 1 & 2, "Steelyard Blues"; Oct. 8 & 9, "Rules of the Game" (1939-France) ; Oct. 15 & 16, "The Conversation" (1974-U.S.A.); Oct. 22 & 23, "Hamlet"; Oct. 29 & 30, "Nosferatu" (1922-Germany); Nov. 5 & 6, "Trash" (1970-U.S.A.) Nov. 12 & 13, "Woman Under the Influence" (1974-U.S.A.) Oct. 22 & 23 and Nov. 12-13, "Hamlet" & "Woman Under the Influence" (showtimes 7:00 & 10:00 pm).
Schoolcraft Cinema Series, 18600 Haggerty Rd., Livonia, Oct. 8, "The Searchers"; Oct. 15. "Shane"; Oct. 22, "The Hired Hand". Info: 591-6400 ext. 445.
The Detroit Institute of Arts (Russian Film Series): Oct. 10, "The Red Snowball Tree"; Oct. 17, "Lenin in Poland"; Oct. 24, "Those Whom I Love and Remember"; Oct. 31, "Kysh and Bag on Bag"; Nov. 7, "Beware Automobile." "Tunnel Vision": Dearborn, Punch & Judy, Quo Vadis, Holiday, Troy, Bel Air, Galaxy, Jolly Roger, Wayne.
"Billy Jack": Beacon East, Calvin, Farmington 4, Hampton, Roseville, Showboat, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Showcase-Pontiac, Tel-Ex Cinema.
"J.D.'s Revenge": Palms.
"Devil Woman"/"Dragons Never Die": Adams.
"The Spook Who Sat By The Door": Madison, Mercury.
"The Producers"/"A Touch of Class": Gateway, Pontiac Mall, Tel-Ex Cinema, Livonia Mall, Somerset Inn, Warren Cinema City, Macomb Mall, Southland, Woods. 
"Gone in 60 Seconds": Fairlane, Radio City, Kingswood, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Abbey, Old Orchard, Taylor, Eastland, Parkway, Wyandotte.
"The Return of a Man Called Horse": Dearborn, Livonia Mall, Quo Vadis, Macomb Mall, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Movies at Lakeside, Southland, Eastland, Pontiac Mall Towne.
"End of the Game": Americana, Movies at Fairlane, Movies at Lakeside, Old Orchard, Terrace, Showcase-Pontiac, Warren Cinema City.
"Murder By Death": Americana, Laparisien, Beacon East, Somerset Mall, Farmington 4, Southgate.
"The Omen": Allen Park, Carousel, Movies at Fairlane, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Hampton, Movies at Lakeside, Warren Cinema City, Livonia Mall, Movies Prudential Center, Woods, Birmingham, Macomb Mall, Quo Vadis.
"Gone With The Wind": Americana, Mai Kai, Southgate.
"Logan's Run": Berkley, Civic-Detroit, Farmington Civic, Movies Prudential, Northgate Cinema, Shores Madrid, Tel-Ex, Carousel, Esquire, Main-Royal Oak, Penn-Plymouth, Showboat.
"The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox"/ "Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother": Abbey, Parkway, Towne, Vogue, Wyandotte Main.
"Harry and Walter Go To New York"/ "Shampoo": Dearborn, Quo Vadis. 
"Silent Movie": Americana, Allen Park, Showcase-Pontiac, Terrace, Movies at Fairlane, Movies at Lakeside, Warren Cinema.
"St. Ives": Bloomfield, Movies at Fairlane.
"Cannonball": Alger, Northgate, Taylor Cinema, Ecorse Rd., Pontiac, Farmington 4, Norwest, Tel-Ex Cinema, Algiers, Fort George, Van Dyke, Abbey, Gateway, Showboat, Village, Dearborn, Gratiot, WilIow.
Sheraton Cocktail Theatre: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," Pontiac-Bloomfield Sheraton 8:15, $4.50.
"Twilight People"/"Super Dude"/"Boss Nigger"/"Tough": Fox. "Blazing Saddles" - 7 & 10, "The 12 Chairs" - 8:30 only, "Steppenwolf" - 12 midnight, at the Cabaret.

Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Film Co-op, Aud. A- Angell Hall or Modern Languages Bldg., U of M, 769-7787; Showtimes 7 & 9, Adm. $1.25: 9/29, "The Long Goodbye" (1973, Robert Altman) ; 9/30, "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (1975, Martin Scorsese); 10/1, "Farewell My Lovely" (1975, Dick Richards) 7 & 10:30, "Night of the Hunter" (1955, Charles Laughton) 8:45 only, MLB 3, "Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid" (1973, Sam Peckinpah) 7 only, "Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia" (1974, Sam Peckinpah) 9 only, MLB 4; 10/2, "Young Frankenstein" (1974, Mel Brooks) 7 & 10:30, "Bride Of Frankenstein" (1935, James Whale) 8:45 only, MLB 3, "The Killers" (1964, Donald Siegel) 7 only, "Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street" (1972, Samuel Fuller) 9 only, MLB 4; 10/3, "Yojimbo (Japanese, 1961, Akira Kurosawa) 7 only, "Do'Deskaden" (Japanese, 1970, Akira Kurosawa) 9 only. MLB 4; 10/5, "Fellini Satyricon" (Italian, 1970, Federico Fellini); 10/6, "What?" (1974, Roman Polanski) 7 only, "Dr. No" (1962, Terrance Young) 9 only, Aud. A; 10/7, "McCabe And Mrs. Miller" (1971, Robert Altman) Aud. A, "King Of Marvin Gardens" (1972, Bob Rafelson) 7 & 10:30, "Drive, He Said" (1971, Jack Nicholson) 8:45 only, MLB 3, "Bedazzled" (1967, Stanley Donen) MLB 4; 10/9, "International House" (1933, Edward Sutherland) 7 & 10:30, "Reefer Madness" (1936, Leo Gasnier) 8:45 only, MLB 3, "The Hired Hand" (1971, Peter Fonda) 7 only, "The Last Movie" (1971, Dennis Hopper) 9 only, MLB 4; 10/10, "Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders" (Czechoslovakian, 1971, Jaromil Jires) 7 & 10:30, "Love" (Hungarian, 1971, Karoly Makk) 8:45 only, MLB 4.
Cinema Guild, Old Architecture Aud. (Tappan & Monroe), 662-8871: Showtimes 7 & 9:05, Adm. $1.25: 9/29, "The Magician" (Swedish, 1958, Ingmar Bergman); 9/30, "Ivan The Terrible II" (Russian, 1947, Sergei Eisenstein); 10/1, "Repulsion" (1965, Roman Polanski) 10/2, "Bicycle Thief" (Italian, 1947, Vittorio deSica); 10/3, "Grey Gardens" (1975, Albert & David Maysles); 10/5, "Citizen Kane" (1941,Orson Welles); 10/6, "Wild Strawberries" (Swedish, 1959, Ingmar Bergman); 10/7, "War Of The Worlds" (1953, Byron Haskin); 10/8, "African Queen" (1951, John Huston); 10/9, "Philadelphia Story" (1940, George Cukor); 10/10, "Umberto D" (Italian, 1952, Vittorio deSica).
Cinema II, Aud. A- Angell Hall, U of M, 769-7787: Showtimes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25. 10/1, "L'Avventura" (Italian, 1960, Michelangelo Antonioni); 10/2, "Fox And His Friends" (German, 1975, Rainer Werner Fassbinder); 10/3, "Walkabout" (1971, Nlcholas Roeg); 10/8, "The French Connection" (1971, William Friedkin); 10/9, "Amarcord" (Italian, 1974, Federico Fellini); 10/10, "Mother And The Whore" (French, 1973, Jean Eustace).
People's Bicentennial Commission Film Series, Nat. Sci. Aud., U of M, 994-0770: Showtimes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25. 9/30, "The Ruling Class"; 10/7, "Sleeper" (Woody Allen)
Women's Studies Film Series, Nat. Sci. Aud., U of M, 763-2047: Showtime 7 pm, no admission charge. 10/4, "It Happens To Us" (30 min., 1972), "Taking Our Bodies Back: The Women's Health Movement" (32 min., 1974), "Self-Help" film and discussion by women from the Ann Arbor Women's Health Collective.
"Dancing Lady"- 1933 MGM Musical at the Michigan Theatre Oct. 7, 7:30 pm. Proceeds benefit the equipment fund for the new St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital. Ticket info: 994-4007.


Feminist Women's Club: Information: 964-0598. Oct. 12, Crime Prevention Seminar; Oct. 15, The Festival Dancers of Metropolitan Detroit, $3.00 non-members, $2.00 members; Fall Classes (already in progress): Women's Alcoholism Discussion, Wine Tasting, Dancersize, Beginning Astrology, Drama, Square Dancing, Yoga, Rap Group, Fair Housing For Plants, Children's Swimming, Adult Swimming, Beginning Sewing. Call for information.
Kresge Art Gallery, through Oct. 10, Michigan Folk Art. Hrs.: M-F, 9-5 pm; Tues., 7-9 pm; Sat & Sun., 1-4 pm.
Boys' Club Alumni Reunion & Dance, Oct. 23, 8 pm, Knights of Columbus Hall, 4381 Larkins.
Michigan State Fairgrounds: Oct. 8-10, Michigan Dept. of Commerce Trade Shop, Community Bldg.; Oct. 8-10, Frank's Craft & Trim Show, Michigan Mart. Bldg.; Oct. 12-14, Electronics Trade Show (Midwest Products), Community Arts Bldg.; Oct. 15, U of Detroit Indian Day Extravaganza.
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: at Olympia Stadium, Sept. 21-Oct. 3. Tickets $6.50, $5.50, $4.
19th & 20th Century Paintings & Drawings, Oct. 12-Nov. 25, Klein-Vogel, 4520 N. Woodward, Royal Oak.
Bike-A-Thon, Oct. 9, Edward Hines Parkway (Haggerty Rd. to Ford Rd.) For details, 722-3055. Wayne County Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children & Adults.



WJR-AM, 760, Middle of the road.
WWJ-AM, 950, News & information.
WCAR-AM, 1130, All news.
WXYZ-AM, 1270, Contemporary.
WJLB-AM, 1400, Spiritual-jazz, am/Soul pm.
WSDS-AM, 1480, 6 am to Sunset/Modern Country
WDEE-AM, 1500, Detroit's modern country.
CBEF-AM, 540, Windsor, French Station; music & hourly news.
WHND-AM, 560, Monroe, oldies/classic gold.
CKWW-AM, 580, Windsor, contemporary middle of the road.
CKLW-AM, 800, Windsor, contemporary rock.
WCHB-AM, 1440. Inkster, disco.
WPON-AM, 1460, Pontiac, middle of the road.
CBE-AM (CBC), 1550, Windsor, M.O.R./network.
WXOX-AM, 1250, Bay City, contemporary country.
WNIC-AM, 131.0, Dearborn, easy listening.
WEXL-AM, 134.0, Royal Oak, inspirational (gospel).
WBRB-AM, 1430, Mt. Clemens, adult contemporary.


CJOM-FM, 887, Windsor, very middle of the road.
WIQB-FM, 103, Ann Arbor, rock station.
WIOT-FM, 104.7, Toledo, white rock.
WIID-FM, 109.0, Garden City, hourly ethnic shows.
WQRS-FM, 105.1, weekdays/classical, weekends/ethnic, folk, big band.
WSHJ-FM, 88.3, top 40/progressive (begins Oct. 4).
WWJ-FM, 97.1, beautiful music.
WMZK-FM, 97.9, foreign language.
WSPD-FM, 89.3, Toledo's commercial station.
WUOM-FM, 91.7, U of M classical & jazz.
WCAR-FM, 92.3, 24 hour news.
WDRQ-FM, 93.1, mostly rock/am- housewives, pm - teens.
CKLW-FM, 93.9, country.
WMJC-FM, 94.7, magic radio/'70s music.
WLDM-FM, 96.5, middle of the road.
WJR-FM, 96.3, good listening.
WMZK-FM, 97.9, foreign language.
WBFG-FM, 98.7, 24 hour religious stereo.
WABX-FM, 99.5, Progressive rock.
WNIC-FM, 100.3, middle of the road.
WRIF-FM, 101.1, album rock.
WDET-FM, 101.9. public radio/community access.
WBRB-FM, 102.7, Mt. Clemens, adult contemporary.
WMUZ-FM, 103,. 5, Christian radio.
WOMC-FM, 104.3, easy listening/Muzak, etc.
WJZZ-FM, 106.7, laid back jazz.
WWWW-FM, 106.7, albums- mostly rock, some jazz.
WGPR-FM, 107.5, Detroit's black r&b, some Jazz.