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Va Study Charges Benefit Rip-off

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A Veterans' Administratkin Study issued last week by Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisconsin) charges that the VA has failed 10 monitor adequately the dispersal of veterans' educational benefits. The report, issued by the government's General Accounting Office (GAO), estimules that the over-payment of edíícalitmal benefits to veterans will total some SI .4 billion, with overpayment of S823 million during the currcnl fiscal year au increasc OÍS375 million over 1 "■ 7 5 . Senator Proxmire urged the use of VA representativeson campus to assist colleges and universities in monitoring the class attendance of veterans vvho claim lo bè enrollecl in educational programs lor which they are receiving VA benefits. Proxmire also suggested that improvements in the comprehensive compliance surveys at colleges and universities would enhance the timeliness of schools report ing on the status of veterans. Human Rights Veterans Conimittee spokesperson Lawrence blliott. on the other hand, termed Senator Proxmire's repon "pari óf a contlnued cut-back mcntaJity." "Where was lluu inenlalily a bom the war m Vieitiani and i fie delenso budget?" hllioti askcd. IJlioii L'liurged iluii the educatio'nal benefits given to veteruns are nol cnnugll lo suppori lliem and theii families while tien ding school. "Many veterans are torced Idwork and tlterctbre miss classes." Lllioii saai. Any nunibei of scliooU "look the oilier a "' whén veterans miss classes, tl Hot I says.becausc thcy benclii froni ihe assisiance veterans gei J'rum Ihe V . Meanwliilc. ihe Departmeni al Veterans Benefit s (DVH) in Washington. D.C. has released a statemeni agreeing in principie wiih ihe Proxiiijrè study and the GAO report and claiming i.hai the VA hasalready impiemen-ted many of ihe suggestions in 1 1 ie Proxmfre study. The DVU statemenl pointed out, however. that ihe presence of VA representativas on campus is a serious inlringement of the riglrts of the academie eomniunity.