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Inside the Motor City by Nadine Brown

When the "leaks" about the Judicial Tenure Commission's probe of alleged charges against Del Rio were first aired-in the newspapers it was common knowledge that none of the so-called charges were criminal, that they were all matters of judicial misconduct. If that is the case, there are quite a few long-time white judges who perhaps would now stand accused.

For instance, I don 't recall reading anything in the Detroit News about how some judges two and three or more decades ago acted as judges, prosecutors and juries, and how blacks were more often sent away to prison than acquitted. In those days, neither police officers nor the prosecutor had any need for knowledge of constitutional law because the judge, in most instances, took care of that. I know because I was a court-watcher long before the term was used.

It is my firm opinion that the people who want to hang Judge Del Rio are one and the same type of racists who could very well have a hand in taking advantage of some stupid young fools who walked int o the trap in the black -on-black crime that is rampant in this city, and part of a nationwide movement to discredit black political officials and any black in a fairly high-appointed position who doesn't do what he or she is told.

Moreover, I believe they are the same type of racists who are trying to discredit Mayor Young and have already launched their underhanded campaign to replace him. They are, I believe, the same racists who are determined that no black person shall run this city and other major cities in this nation.

I only wish more of our black leaders would come out of their diplomatic act and start speaking out and telling it like it really is instead of busting their butts trying to show white folks that they think,act and are like them. Only a fool would try to be something he is not. Remember the rich and professional Jews in Hitler's Germany did the same thing.

Del Rio is out spoken, arrogant and one of the hardest workers in Recorder's Court. More of us than his opponents think are fully supporting him, including his colleagues on the bench, despite the News' efforts to make people believe otherwise. There are a lot of us out here who are not going to allow the racists to choose our leaders and gag those who have the courage to speak out against their tyranny.

What the News seems to have forgotten-or simply doesn't know is that a lot of us are well aware that racism is still a major factor in this society. It still abounds, and while some racists exude professed liberalism and use subtle approaches to get their real intent into act ion, a great many others underestimate the intelligence of all black people and think we will buy anything they sell.

Black political activists have often fully supported white candidates for various offices because they were our friends. You see, we don't feel that all white folks are racists. We don't lump all of them in the same boa t, as some whites do black people. But people like those who voice opinions held by the Detroit News are quick to label any black a racist who is outspoken and not the type of diplomatic "niggers" they think we all should be.

A black candidate can get the white support for certain positions if they are the ones who pick him. But it seems that if he or she is the real choice of the black masses, the racists get uptight and the next thing you know that black candidate is counted out. I know how the game is played. I know the rules of that game. I also realize that as soon as too many blacks begin to learn the rules of the game, the racists change the rules.