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How to get pleasure ■ f rom spinach ■ Some people think of spinach as a stringy green vegetable with a nasty taste. These people lack imagination. Who ever told them to eat it? Spinach is terrific when you: a) Put it in your bath water and pretend you're in the South Pacific. b) Use it as astro-turf. c) Wear it and audition for an underground movie. Jjmjkx d) Use itto overeóme baldness( have wJi Pk a spinach transplant). ÉP tflSt Remember, spinach is probably the lïwW (yn)S È most stylish vegetable you have, A WwlJtj% WÈ and of course. all spinach is JÉ frmM guaranteed wash and wear. wk vfl'KÁ 5''"" CBg SinNewportsibngue-in-Check' Series Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. ?tti2?S?í iSC' I [ av. per cigatsne. FTC Report Apul 1976