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THE NEW ANN ARBOR Cl CABLEVISION Q □ rrï get ■ ■ ■ h ■■ BC' America's most up to date ■■ " Cablevision! "ƒ '■■ ;"rïi a record breaking 22 ■■ - channels of TV viewing. ■■ WL cPFlNG GHOSTS Equally startling 40 U LT LATELY? channels of FM listening. M Hl M Remote control TV ■■ 11 rMM channel selection . . . turn pA onoff, fine tuning - right mm"Vmmm y from yO(jr bed coucn or F ƒ "' ' 'm mi ■'■■ easy chair. Extra outlets PÍ GOT DOUBLÉ anywhere H A TROUBLE? hd LJ ssg uc ■ - - - u isv AnnArbor "Home Cinema" J Lj-w-iIMJ 1st run features, 1 BpÉÉHi Hollywood and some BH ' -= great foreign movie films U ' -all without commercials mam--" - at about 15 or less GETTING KIND what it cost elsewhere M OFJUMPY? ff PSÏ GET ■ ■ ■ h ■■ KM Two channels. Family □ C $n2k Theatre - G and PG, (■■■■■P sports, concerts LJ L-mm.m Adult Theatre - R and ■■ FEELING Soft Core x and sPecials SNOWED-IN? Ë y GETDETAILSANDINSTALLATIONDATENOW B Pj CALL 460-4707 Q OR DIAL 66-cable u ann arbor u B cablevisiorinc p 416 W. HURON ST. ANN ARBOR, MICH. 48106