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The planet Mercury moves into Libra on the 1Oth, to join the Sun and Pluto. This places Mercury n a favorable relationship with Júpiter n Gemini. Mercury and J upiter rule those . pects of our thoughts relating to facts and philosophy respectively. Mercury also demands communication. Libra symbolizes harmony, justice, and balance-particularly in a social context. And Gemini symbolizes a broad scope of involvement- to the point of extremes at times. ii ARIES (March 20-April Of) 18)-Be imaginative, but I I be sure to pay attention to the facts that are made available to you during this time. The more you focus your intentions, the more you'll get done. Ö. 1 TÁURUS (April 19-May 19)- Your feelings of love I can be a source of irritation now unless you relax and think of others more than yourself. Avoid being stubborn: it holds you back. 1 GEMINI [May 20-June 20)- Your mind is whirli 1 ing again, but it makes more sense- especially when you keep a broad perspective. Don't daydream, apply yourself and you'll achieve a lot. r- - I CÁNCER (June 21-July OQ 21)-Thiscan be an inI ' tensely emotional time for you. Concéntrate on expanding your outlook to include more innovative thoughts and you'll understand more of what's happening. -pri LEO (July 22-August 21) X - You can repel the ' ' ' pie closest to you by displaying a bad temper and not even be aware of t. Tune in to much deeper feelings to gain more satisfaction. p==ri V I RGO ( August 22-SepWy tember 21 )- Your efforts - ' to help other people can be frustrating when things don't always work out. Communicating more should be easier now, and much more effective. _ ] LIBRA (September 22=2s October 22)-lt's been a ' stormy time for you for a while. It may be easier to sort out your thoughts, but your feelings are even more intensified. Facts make positive action possible. 1 SCORPIO (October 23M November 20)- It's es' pecially irritating now when you can't achieve what you set out to accomplish. Temper sólves nothing- look more to the future when you make plans and react to situations. - T SAGITTARIUS(Novem)C ber 21 -December 20) ' Not a prosperous time for you. The more you control your reactions, the easier you will be able to handle hard times. Channel your energy into creativity. [VKp I CAPRICORN (December Yj 21-january 20)-Commun icating your deepest feelings may not bring the results you ntend. At least you're not quite as sensitive as you have been. You have a lot of energy to renew your favorite projects. i ■ 1 AQUARIUS (January 21 LJ$Ss -February 18)- CommunI I catión and cooperation is a prime means of satisfaction for you now. It's too easy to get irritated when set-backs hinder your progress, but keep on pushing on. ■ ■ PISCES (February 19U Maren 19)-You have a I ' I lot of trouble choosing priorities when so much seems so important. Luckily you have a ton of energy to aid you now- but it's essential that you focus that energy on specific projects.