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Maximum Value

Mose Allison: Your Mind Is on Vacation (Atlantic)

Produced by Ilhan Mimaroglu

May be Mose's best Lp ever


Steve Reid: Nova (Mustevic)

Produced by the Legendary Master Brotherhood

Top-flight jazz improvisation from NYC

Denny Zeitlin: Expansion (1750)

Produced by Double Helix Music

Brilliant trio work from the SF pianist


Worth Keeping

Inner Circle: Reggae Thing (Capitol)

Produced by Roger Lewis & Louis Bramy

Tasty debut for Jamaican trio on Capitol

Bob Marley & The Wailers:

Live! (Island)

Produced by Steve Smith & Chris Blackwell

The legendary concert-at last!

Sweet Honey In The Rock

(Flying Fish)

Produced by Sweet Honey

Five conscious black women sing a capella

Joe Zawinul: Concerto Retitled (Atlantic)

Produced by Joel Dorn, Weather Report pianist with real jass reissue


Worth Hearing

Stanley Clarke: School Days (Atlantic/Nemporer)

Produced by Stanley Clarke & Ken Scott

Smooth pop pap from the hip young bassit

Quincy Jones: I Heard That!! (A&M)

Produced by Quincey Jones, Half new, half re-issue-but all Quincy


Worth Missing

Bobbi Humphreys: Best

(UA/Blue Note)

Produced by Larry Mizell & Chuck Davis

The "best" of a bad lot


Mingo: Flight Never Ending (CBS/Columbia)

Produced by Mingo Lewis & Louis Bramy

Boring synthesizer "rock" from ex-Santana sideman



Pat Boone: Texas Woman (Motown/Hitsville)

Produced by Ray Ruff, This guy should stick with Earl Butz

Herb Pederson: Southwest (CBS/Epic)

Produced by Mike Post

Who lets people like this into the studio


The ratings in Bullets are based on musical values rather than sales figures or other commercial considerations.