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Book Of Life Haki Mudhubuti (don L. Lee)

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Haki R. Mudhubuti (Don L. Lee) has always written about black unity, as the titles of his previous works should indícate: Think Black, Black Pride, and W Walk the Way of a New World. But n Book of Life (Broadside Press), we find even stronger convictions, hotter words, and images so concrete the almost become brutal at times. "Afrikan Men" contains images like: fa rat is chewing at your baby's skull you don 't negotiate you kil it rise dash-on flash dodgin skyscrapers vacant lots & evil highs with a feel for the earth for land foryoself comin rise transform reborn renurtured in purpose in goodness in direction new Even more stunning is the 48page poem which gave the book its name. Divided nto 92 sections, this final work of the book offers guidetines for living and building a better life. Although aimed at black people, this poem is equally important to white, red, brown, and (Mars probes willing) green people. Anybody. Everybody. Various sections deal with identity, processed foods vs. natural foods, treatment of the elderly, cities, culture, you name it. If it's important to life, Madhubuti comments on it here. Book of Life is written n everyday language, which makes Haki's ideas more easily understood to those of us who don 't read poetry with a dictionary handv. His poems are out front and for real.