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TtFfnf Lofillard 1976 How to get pleasure f rom a broken T.L Some people think that televisión is an educational medium. However, a broken T.V. is sometimes a lot more fun. While the works are out at the shop, you can: a ) Fill the set with plants and use it as oíj& fcf b) Tap dance behind the screen and star in ƒ c ) Extend the antennas; they're great É W d) Plan a wildlife special; put yourbird 1 fJmfM f And remember, all a fixed T.V. can do is Jm B P í #6 in Newport's'Töngue-in-Cheek' Series I 1 Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous toYour Health. box= is m9."tar". 1.1 mg. nicotmeings: 17 mg.-iar". 12 mg. nicotine: lOD'S: 19 mg."tar". 1.4 mg.nicotme - - : 1 av. per cigaretie. FTC Repon April 1976