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I cMOVIES Detroit & Suburbs Trinity Church, Highland Park, Woodward at Buena Vista, "Salt of the Earth" 7:30 O ct. 17, Donation $1.50, 50 cents unemployed. Detroit Film Theatre at the Art Institute, two shows nightly, 7 & 9:30; Oct. l,"Castleof Purity" (Mexico-1974); Oct. 15, "Kaseki" (Japan-1974) Oct. 16, "L'Atalante" (France1974). Royal Oak Public Library Sound Film Series, 222 E. n Mile, FREE 6:30 pm: Oct. 21, "Scarlet Pimpernell," with Leslie Howard; U of M-Dearborn: Room 179 E.L.B. - Adm. $1.00: American Film Series: Oct. 13-17, "Horsefeathers"; Oct. 20-24, 'Two For the Road"; Foreign Film Series: Oct. 13-17, "Death in Venice"; Oct. 20-24, "Testament of Orpheus". Cass City Cinema, First Unitarian Church, Cass & Forest, 7:30 i 10:00 pm, $1.50: Oct. 15 & 16, "The Conversation" (1974-U.S.A.); Oct. 22 & 23 and Nov. 12-13, "Hamlet" & "Woman Under The Influence" (showtimes 7:00 & 10f00 pm). Schoolcraft Cinema Series, 18600 Haggerty Rd., Livonia, Oct. 15, "Shane"; Oct. 22, "The Hired Hand". Info: 591-6400 ext. 445. The Detroit Institute of Arts (Russian Film Series): Oct. 1 0,"The Red Snowball Tree"; Oct 17, "Lenin in Poland". "Norman. . . IsThat You": Movies at Fairlane, Terrace, Movies at Lakeside, Village, ShowcasePontiac, Warren Cinema, Grand Circus, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Wyandotte-Main, Mercury.TelEx Cinemas. "Obsession": Movies at Fairlane, Showcase-Pontiac, Americana, Movies-Lakeside, ShowcaseSterling Hts., Beacon East, Oíd Orchard, Somerset Malí, Mai Kai, Parkway, Southgate. "Journey": Somerset. "King óf Hearts'VHarold & Maude" Eastland, Oíd Orchard, Fairlane, Southland. "Silent Movie": Allen Park, Dearborn, Shelby, Americana, Farmington 4,.Showcase-Pontac, Abbey, Carousel, Hampton, Warren Cinema City. "The Girls Who'll Do Anything": Bel Air, Blue Sky, Jolly Roger, Wayne. "A Matter of Time": Americana, Eastland, Kingswood, MoviesFairlane, Terrace. "Sex With a Smile": Beacon East, Dearborn, Farmington 4, Quo Vad'is, Showcase-Sterling Hts. "Gone in 60 Seconds": Tel-Ex Cinema, Galay. "Grizzly": Northgate, Royal Oak, Ecorse Rd., Taylor-Cinema. I"Kung Fu Master'VBruce Lee And I": Palms. "Midnight Hustle": Mel, 6 Mile, Capri, Irving, Globe. "Superbug": Allen'Park, Macomb Mali, Showcase, Carousel, MoviesFairlane, Livonia Malí, Pontiac Mali, State-Wayne, Warren-Cinema City. "Fantasia": Americana. "Burnt Offerings": Adams, Macomb Malí, Quo Vadis.Abbey, Movies-Lakeside, ShowcaseSterling Hts., Oearborn, MoviesPrudential Center, Southland, Livonia Malí, Pontiac Malí, Warren Cinema. 'The Bingo Long Traveling AllStars & Motor Kings": Madison, Norwest, Studio 8, Miracle Mile, Northgate Cinema. "The Ritz": Livonia Malí, Macomb Malí, Movies-Fairlane, Towne. 'The Missouri Breaks'V'Gator": Alger, Farmington 4, Shelby, Calvin, Macomb-Mt. Clemens, Showboat, Commerce, Camelot, Northgate, Shores Madrid, East Side, Civic-Detroit, PennPlymouth, Taylor Cinema, Gratiot, Eastwood, Punch & Judy. "A Night at the Opera"" A Day at the Races": Cabaret. "Highway Hookers": Krim I, Park, Guild, Art II. cAnn oirbor Ann Arbor Film Co-op, Aud. A- Angelí Hall or Modern Languages Bldg., U of M, 769-7787: Showtlmes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25 1015 "The Wild Child" (French, 1970, Francois Truffaut) 7 only, "The Red Shoes" (1948, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger( 9 only - MLB 3, "Beware Of A Holy Whore" (Germán, 1970, Rainer Werner Fassbinder) 7 & 10-15 "Attack Of The Robots" (1967, Jess Franco) 8:45 only- MLB 4; 1016, "Monkey Business" (1931, Norman McLeod) 7 & 9:30, "Horsefeathers" (1932, Norman McLeod) 8:10 & 10-40 -MLB 4, "Death Race 2000" 1975, Paul Bartel) 7 & 10:30, "Fists Of Fury" (1973, Lo Wei) 8:30 only- MLB 3 1017, "Zero Conduite" (1933, Jean Vigo) and "L'Atalante' (French, 1934, Jean Vigo) Complete show 7 only- MLB 4, Maya Deren Festival, 9:15 only, "Pamela And lan" (1971, David Greene) 10:30 only- MLB 4; 1019, "King Of Hearts" (1967, Philippe de Broca) MLB 3, "Man Is Not A Bird" (Serbo-Croatian, 1966, Dusan Makavejev) 7 only, "The Seven Samurai" (1954, Akira Kurosawa) 8:15 only- Aud. A; 1020, "Solaris" (1972, Andrei Tarkovsky) 6:45 &. 9:45; 1021, "The Passenger" (1975, Michelangelo Antonioni); 1022, "The Pink Panther" (1964, Blake Edwards) 7 only, "A Shot In The Dark" (1964, Blake Edwards) 9 only - MLB 3, Vintage Luis Bunuel Night: "Los Olvidados" (1950) 7 only, "Nazarin" (1958) 9 only, "Simon Of The Desert" (1965) 10:30 only- MLB 4. Cinema Guild, Old Architecture Aud. (Tappan & Monroe), 6628871: Showtimes 7 & 9:05, $1.25. 1015, "Phantom Of The Pa'radise" (1974,Brian dePalma); 1016. "Last Picture Show" (1971, Peter Bogdanovitch) ; 10 17, "Days And Nights In The Renest" (Bengali, 1970, Satyajit Ray); 1019, "Touch Of Evil" (1958, Orson Welles) ; 1020, "The Oevil's Eye" (Swedish, 1960, Ingmar Bergman); 1021, "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (1954, Richard Fleischer); 10 22."THX 1138" (1968. Lucas). Cinema II, Aud. A-Angell Hall, U of M, 769-778; Showtimes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25. 1015, Animation Night; 1016, "A Streetcar Named Desire" (1951, Elia Kazan); 1017, "Beauty And The Beast" (French, 1946, Jean Cocteau) ; 1022, "Judgement At Nuremburg" (1961, Stanley Kramer); People's Bicentennial Commission Film Series, Natural Science Aud., U of M, 994-0770: Showtimes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25. 1014. "Seduction of Mimi"; 1021,"Marat Sade". Women's Studies Film Series, Natural Science Aud., U of M. 7632047: Showtlme 7 pm, no admission charge. 1018, "At 99: A Portrait of Louise Tandy Murch" (25 min., 1974), "Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman" (110 min., 1973). Feminist Women's Club: information: 964-0598. Oct. 15, The Festival Dancers of Metropolitan Detroit, $3.00 non-members, $2.00 members. 19th & 20th Century Paintings & Drawings, Oct. 12-Nov. 25, KleinVogel, 4520 N. Woodward, Royal Oak. West Indian Karnaval Extravaganza, with Steel Band, Reqgae Music, Calypso Singers from Trinidad, 8 pm, til midnight, State Fair Coliseum, Oct. 15-17. Oct. 15-16, Constitutional Liberties & Urban America, WSU Community.Arts Aud., Fri. 2:30 pm, Sat., 10 am. Rock & Roll Record Collectors' Convention, Sat., Oct. 16, Sans Souci Hall, 9 Mi. & Middlebelt, Farmington, 9 am-6 pm,adm.$.75. Martial Arts of Kabuki performed by 16 dancer-actors of the National Theatre of Japan, Oct. 21, 8:30 pm in Rackham Auditorium.' Ticket info. 665-3717. 17th Annual Midwest Antiques Forum: Architecture, ceramics, furniture, fashion, and music from -1789 - 1837. Henry Ford Museum, Oct. 17 - 22. CAMPUS HAPPENINGS MACOMB COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fri. Nite at the F I iets, South Campus, K Bldg., $1.00: Oct. 20, 8 pm.Oct. 21, 12:30 pm, "One Eyed Jacks"; Oct. 22, "Lenny"; Oct. 26, 8 pm, Oct. 27, 1 pm, "Zandy's Bride". Welfare Reform Conference, Oct. 16, S. Campus, K Bldg. 9 am4 pm. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DEARBORN Teach-ln Detroit, Part I, Education: The Challenge of the Schools, Oct. 20, 1:30 pm In the Gabriel Richard Center at the campus entrance. The 4 panelists are: Dr. F reeman Flynn, Director School-Community Relations of the Detroit Public Schools; Mrs. Clara "Rutherford, member of the Detroit School Board; Professor Cloyzell Jones, Assistant Professor of education at the Univ. Of Mich.-Dearborn; and Mrs. Mary Ellen Riordan, President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE Cinema Series, Fri. 8:30 pm, FREE, Liberal Arts Theatre, Oct. 15, "Shane" ( 1 95 3) ; O et. 22, "The Hired Hand" (1971). Harvest Dance, Oct. 1 7, Plymouth Hilton Inn Ballroom, 8-12 midnite, Count Basie & his orchestra. Liberal Arts Theatre, Dr. Nelson Amos, Oct. 29, 8 pm, FREE. Oct. 15: Irv Weiner, "Mr. Fingers," with feats of magie and Ilusión at Waterman Campus Cntr., 8 pm. SHAW COLLEGE Oct. 18: Aryiual Forum by Mayors Committee to Keep Detroit Beautiful, 7:30 pm. Speakers: Christopher Alston, Cari Levin, Dr. Romallus Murphy, pres. of Shaw College. CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Are We There Yet?. by Duane Diane I Vreuls, Oct. 12-23, 25, 8 pm, Bush Theatre. Pottery.Oct. 11-22, John Glick, Creative Arts Gallery. CMU Faculty Show, Oct. 11-29, Ed Epping, Dave Fisher, Peggy Diggs, I University Gallery, South Arts Studio.