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Take A Look Into "private Eyes." By Tommy Bolin

Take A Look Into "private Eyes." By Tommy Bolin image
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There are many ways of looking at things. One important way (especially when youre dealing with music) is with your ears. Look then. at Tommy Bolin. A wizard of a guitarist whose work with Billy Cobham stopped people in their tracks. His blazing guitar has embellished every band he has ever been a member of - from the James Gang to Deep Purple. Now. Look at "Private Eyes!' Tommy Bolin's debut album with Columbia features Mark Stein(VanillaFudge)on keyboardsand Norma Jean Bell (Mothers of Invention) on saxophone. The way they look at music is a synthesis of metal and jazz soul that is fascinating. Tommy Bolin. His new album is agood, long look. Afp--- On Columbia Records and Tapes. lJt JE Bpl Available at Harmony House