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H THE NEW ANN ARBOR Q 1 CABLEVISION ■ F"u ■ . f" GET ■■ ■ vo H c ■ ■ ■ ■ pr' 16 America's most up to date 1 j Cablevision! M lJ--H a record breaking 22 ■■ channels of TV viewing. BB Wm „rcMfi GHOSTS Equallystartling40 flB SËbNJv? channels of FM listening. J BiaSM " ■ ■ ■ ■ II T8 Remote control TV J ]t4. channel selection . . . turn !!JHOffi onif' fine tuning - right m I m mm """■ from your bed, couch or ƒ __ .... ii iV easy chair. Extra outlets J W GOT DOUBLÉ anywhere. TROUBLE? Ê Hfm GET... tj I i Jw AnnArbor "Home Cinema" Wm mWk 1st run features, WjjL22ÍaM Hollywood and some f - grea_t foreign movie films J - X -all without commercials H ■ ■■ -atabout 15orless J L GETTING KIND what it cost elsewhere. fl n p get ... M J iTxC' Ji wo Family WyX12 Theatre - G and PG, mgmify sports, concerts ■■ J j Adult Theatre - R and mM " X and specials L_J □ FEELING M L SNOWED-1N? J P GET DETAILS AND INSTALLATION DATE NOW K Call 769-4707 □ H OR DIAL 66-cable Q ann arbor u B cableVision „e H ■■ P.O. Box 998 ■■ J AVAILABLE AT SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION U RATESTO ANN ARBOR CABLEVISION M L SUBSCRIBERS J