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The Abolition Case

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We were right in stating that the Cincinnaü Gazette was wrong in its nssertion that the decisión of íhe supremo court of Ohio, ir the infamous slaye case at Let a non, was pxtra judical. 'i'ho Rebano Star tbus contradicisthe GazettB. "The Qpurt did decide, in express térros that the bringing of a slave into that state, by the masters consent, for any purpose whatever,evenwith view of passing through it tosettle in anoiher slaye state, would, .ipso facto free the slaye. This question wns presented by the record, and the court both judges concurrjng, decjded it as we first stated, nnd now repeat-r-and the aubsequcnt avowal of this decisión, by the Judges who mude it, whenever the inquiry has been put to them, leaves no room tbr the least question in relation to thia matter; this the sequel will prove." 07-Tliis should 6erve ns a warning to masters of boais and to the soulhern men gencrally. The Supreme Court of Ohio declares a slave free the moment he touches the soil of that State with the consent of the owner. MembersofCongress have recently been robbed of thoir eervants vvhilst on their way to the Capítol of the Union to discharge their poluical duties. Virgioians removing to Missouri, and passing through Ohio, have been robbed of all their sla ves j and it will be perceived that iheciuzens of Covington, complain that ;heir slaves are no longer safe - that thepeople of Cincinnati do not hesitale tQ átcil negroes frotn Kentuckians on the Southern side of the river. Aguin we say to the southern men - dx not venture into Ohio with servants. If Southern ladies take with them servants. 10 nurse their children, the courts have al-, ready noüfied the operativo Aboliuanis'f that such nurses mav be stolen with impuity. % The doctrine of Ohic is, that no man shall daré to own a slave forone moment in that State 5 and the "Queen City" is be coming quite as famous for negro stealing is for her manufactures.If a slave, hired on board a boat shouid escape, the master or owner of suchsteam boat may bc madeTesponsible forhisvalue. The publication of the decisión of the Supreme court is a sufficient warning that boats parlly navigated by elaves, cannot land in Ohio with safety . - Lou. Jour. From the above it will be.seen how slaveholders are stung by the late decission of the Supreme Court in Ohio. It rs suprising to U3 to witness the demands up on the free statesofthe north by slaveholdersof the South; for t is certainthat mea who have no moro conscience than to make innocent and unoflending men aDd vvomen,; the victims of their profita } Iust3 from the moment of their birth to to the day of their death, can never be satisfied with a disapprobation, manifested toward their tyranny in any way. It eer tainly shows a reckless disconteut on the part of slaveholders when they utter their loud complaints because the State of Ohio is unwilling to have her highwaya and the streets of her cities convertcd into ihoroughfares for the slavetrader and his slave gangs. The Supreme Court of Ohio was right in this decisión, and tho good senseof the whole north will bear her out. Let it be determined to the contrary and how long before the citizens of Ohio, lot their sensibilices be what they may, be forced to lend their unwilling yco, imh disgraceful scènes of this traffic, and if slave traders may with whip and spur drive their chained captives along the Btreets.' of Ohio, they may soon barter and exchange their Elaves: then you have tho slave shamble8 erected in Ohio, and fot some trifling cause of other they may stop. awhile in Ohio - and then you have slavfe driving, aelling and holding in this pror fessedly free etate. Again we eay Ohio was righl in this decisión. U Kentuckir ans cannot step aside without a slave it their heels, let them keep on their own, slavery cursed soil. How modestly ihis Louisville editoc speaks of members of Congress with'Hheir servants?" It indicates a little shame, and it is said where there is ghame in time there may be virtue.