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Police Chief at Canton Resigns

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Pol ice chief |
at Canton i

CANTON The chief of the Can- ,.;

•dice Department has re-1
-!;ned, in the wake of a consul-
nt's report that the department

xperiencing managerial and '
icaaership problems. J

Acting Chief Larry Stewart, a
lieutenant in charge of the uniform
patrol division, was appointed to
temporarily replace former Chief
Jerry Cox, who formally resigned ,
Saturday. ]

Stewart said today that Cox, 1
chief since May 1979, resigned be-1
cause he had hoped the study ^
would address or resolve commu-
nic terns between him-.;

seil anton Township su-1
per visor and board, but i t.
Instead, Stewart said, the bludy ,

-tell & Bartell Ltd. of Penn- •
sytvania noted managerial and "''
leadership problems in the depart-
ment. Stewart said the study also j
indicated, however, that the "ser-1
vice to the pubi ^h"|
despite the difficulties*. ^

Officers in the department, he
said, "feel we've been st"8"^"^."
He added, however. 'Tris ' : •_ ung

' critical of the chief or the .i
board, because there have been ?
mistakes and misunderstandings
in both directions."

Bartell & Bartell also has per-
formed studies of the Pittsfield
Township, Van Buren Township,
Hamburg and Ypsilanti police de-

Stewart, who said he will apply
for a p ^'nt appointment to
the chit -i, hired on with the
department on the sarr as
Cox. He said the townsii.y- «-"Ard
has indicated it hopes to hirea new
chief within *l- - - ' -»six months.