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Principle Essential To Stability Of Character

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The sympathies and emotionsof our nature are tides and winds, that drift and blow, sometimes right sometimes wrong. Theyflow and theyebb; to-day they run or blow in this direction, tomorrow in that. Pereons at their sole direction, 'are as a wave driven and tossed.' Bul the truth is the Needie pointing invariably the safe and prosperous way over life's sea. - Righteous principie is thesure anchor,holding in the throne of God firm against all adverse winds and currents, Only they who knou the truth and do it, can hold 0Í1 Stead fastly m the course of serving God and Mankind, and of their own salvation. Ia the anii-slavery cause - many have been struck with sympathy for the slave at a view of his eufferings, and have been moved to speak in his favor, perhaps to suffer Bomething in his hehalf, or to makej it may be, much sacriñee for his cause - ! until the paroxysmof sympaihy has sub-! sided, (as the paroxysm of passion wiil' 8ubside,).giving place toothcr and opposing feelings, as the love of human approbation, the love of gain, the love of sect aud party and respect to tiieir own interest and ease. Many, having no "root in themselves,"! have withered away as the sunchas come j upon thom.. They have disappeared all together from the Anti-slavery ranks, or' have so far separated themsclves from the true standard, and have so far put on the proslavery uniform, as to escape the ! urn attached tothe cause in i(s primitive! character. But they vho have laid hold upon the great truth that all rnen are cre ated equa!, one can rightfully asBume dominion over any othcr; that God alonéis the proprietor'of tho body and! soul ot any human crea türe that, respon-! 8ponsible to his Maker, every human intelligence is endowcd wilh the inalienable right to his life, his liberty and the pursuit! of his own happiness - adherents to these great principies to withstand every assaull ihat can be made against their doctrine, or their repulation, or their interests, or their! persons and their Uves. Firmly they! stand in their testimony,destined to proveí ih.eDivinely jnstituted agency for the croancipation of the enslaved milüons ofj our country, and for aiding in rolling on the iofluenca thut shall ukimately dfsentbra' the bondenen of all the earih.