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Graduate Students Call On 'U' To Prevent Police 'Intrusions'

Graduate Students Call On 'U' To Prevent Police 'Intrusions' image
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Graduate Students Call On 'U To Prevent Police ^Intrusions' Officers o( M Graduate j sity officials lo preview it (and) Student AsMii::; issued a make recommendations c o n- slatement yesterday describing cerning its use . . . the^illP'LK^ty as "an exhibitor "Graduate Student Council of^tny of th^ films shown by j calls upon: th^Cinema Guild." ' "The Washtenaw C o u n ! y Tr^^tatementr^ers spi ally tou'e*T[flTr^P" 1 a in ; :' • Creatures." which was confis- cated by Ann Arbor police while being shown last Wednesday in Architecture Auditorium. Three; U-M sti •' •" •ind one faculty! memlx-i ,1' narged with vi- olating a state law that makes j it a Circuit Court misdemeanor;. "show obscene, lewd, filthy ; ;d indecent motion pictures." i Graduate Student Assembly J :iiims about 40 active mem- bers rpr- ""'"ig most colleges , )f the its president is Jte^A. Ashmali, 222 N. Seventh. | gine statement urges the ['ni- ''ersity "to negotiate directly vith law-enforcement officers nd the prosecutor's office to .rcvent future intrusions upon cademic freedom and the free- < om of expression within this ; cademic community." * The statement also says: ; "The finances of Cinema' .uild arc handled by the (U-M) - ' 'ident Organizations Office id University facilities and ' crsonnel are used for exhibit- ig Cinema Guild films . . .1 .ie presence of 'Flaming Crca- . ares' on campus for 24 hours -"ior to its public showing pro- • ;idcd ample time for Univer- pro.scculor's office and the Annifilm — not the individuals . . . Ar')orTr»B^e»?I^srptiT-¥ei1tQAyj "The University to file friend immecnaT(fty WTthWa-w tire' of the court briefs in appropri- ent charges if action ^'^'cour[^ot [aw"^ 1 nought to be necessary it . . should be brought against the "r\() elective definition of ob- , _.__..._,--,--- - scenity exists . . . The basic ; question involved here is not I the alleged obscene nature of,|| the film; but the rights and ob- • ligations of a university to en- 'courage and protect intellectual investigation and expression , within an academic communi- , ty." I