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Cinema Guide publishers, film groups feud

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CinemaGuide publishers, film groups feud

Until the Michigan Cinema -
Guide came along, a local film tures are worthless. We feel the
junkie in need of his fix of Bogart survived without 1L had been edited by tlw •,!,;.]. T :~ 'r ••-" me orginal target date, explains Cinema Guild president magazine should be more than just
and Bacall was hard put to discov- HIS ENTHUSIASM l« apparent- didn't particularly b or its official May 8 Cheryl Yanskvich. "Then we all a schedule. It should provide infor-
er where to find the dynamic duo ly shared 1y cithers: The 35,000 they began editing • , '• "•te. vote on everybody's choices." The mation about films."
on : :-.. ight. With seven film c opi . i ie, which is free, too." THE CINEMA GUIL • • ; ''' • tne Young complains that the Guide
f ••• ith its own poster- o 11 >m racks within Roger Kerson, a Cineina Guide llshed by Michigan Sp' •er- "sometimes cut things out, like
si. on and around a IL. „ .lication. editor, explained, "We have spacr -. ... ---.; which for several yc, 'Im (that a film was) voted one of the
caripu-i, liicie was no manageable Receiin.v tuiacver, audience en- limitations that none of " ' ' best of all time. Instead, they run a
single source to consult for the thuslasm has been balanced some- groups have." The Guide pu; .'ms full-page review of 'Casablanca
when and whereabouts of all the ol- " vhat by a bitter feud between the word limit on "blurb" li '-IPS' Who needs that?"
dies. Cinpma r.r d» ""blishers and the whereas the posters often ex..mi -.Ull.nmimlu i> ,...,. ^;l., ,u. ,,ii,e, uvurul\S Of Still and all, a spirit of concilia-
Since January of 1981. though, s the flimsy 7-ny-lO 3/4-inch guide t has filled the gap with complete s listings and short synopses of just t tu" r s The groups ul-n~i to^tlpply their ct^ ) Guide ahead of the merits of the films for 100 words or more. Because the film groups kept their scheduling plans under wraps The seven film groups - Alter- i""1 "Hat shou111 aPP6'" In the native Action, Cinema Guild. Cine- Guide. ma Two, Ann Arbor Film Co-op, Young and other dim group re-Medlatrics, Gargoyle, and Classic presentatlves believe the maga- tion may be In the air, now that the dust has settled. "This is by no means an attempt to drive Cinema Guide out of business," said
about every film shown on campus, sue, leaving the magazine scram-plus its own reviews and film fea- bling madly to meet its deadline. tures. "We want people to read our film "It's a great innovation," says descriptions In full," says Bruce until the last possible moment, the Guide had to hire a team of freelance writers to work on the film blurbs late in April, once schedule Film Theatre - are each corn- zme should print the poster blurbs posed of some 15 current or recent verbatim, even though that would 1 Members handle ev. mean sacritlcing thdGulde's origl-'ie business, from se- ———————-——————————— Young. "We hope we'll be able to work out something (or the tu- — lure." .J|
Donny Brown, a film enthusiast Young, who assembles the Ann Ar- information became available i> 'ims, to publicity, to
leaving a campus movie with three bor Film Coipp poster's dim de- (rom The Ann Arbor Observer and sellina and taking tickets.
copies of the Guide tucked under scriptions. •& came to our atten- the groups' schedules. The mad "Each semester, each person
his arm. "I don't know how I ever tion ...that Air film descriptions—————rr.———m.-m-m.T . .„ . .. .•.,.m.»-a- 1V ^————••^. Ifll •-li I.--———-'-,"•• •SHR—— writing scramble got the magazine -lists the films they want to see,"~1"- •i.-M.wm'.